Bring Back These Iconic 90s Fashion Trends At The Homegrown Back To School Party

Bring Back These Iconic 90s Fashion Trends At The Homegrown Back To School Party

Slinky zipper dresses for drinks? Oversized dungarees for a street chic day? Or the allure of flared pants and a crop top? The ‘90s were a defining time for the invention of India’s fashion quotient. An undeniably monumental moment for the Indian fashion industry, one fueled by the big screen glamour and increasing accessibility to beauty and fashion-centric information.

As our current favourite fashion trends border on being playful and creatively rebellious, we have the 90s to thank for most of them. While the euphoria girls and our favourite celebs are to be thanked for bringing plaid sets and uber-cool ski glasses back in style, it’s striking to note the drastic boom of trends that were considered done and dusted.

If you like me have recently rediscovered your love for styling statement vintage pieces or cooking up a refreshing outfit, then I suggest going through our top 90s fashion picks. I write this as I sneakily reach for my third pair of some trusted Levis from my mother’s closet, a self-proclaimed flared denim hoarder.

Read on for an exciting trove of some of the spunkiest and most immortal fashion trends that are making a comeback.

I. Knotted Denim shirts

Nothing says too cool for school like an oversized denim shirt, from button-downs to knotted tie-ups, pair it with a snug pair of corduroys or head-to-toe denim with a pair of snug cutoffs.

II. Corset Tops

Cinched, chic and a versatile style addition, corsets have been noticeably revived by our favourite celebs. Take a page from Juhi Chawla’s tan brown corset moment in Darr and embrace those curves in a chic corset this season.

III. Zipper Dresses

A personal favourite of mine, the zipper dress is back and even better than before. If the 90s were anything to go by, have your it girl moment in a metallic zipper dress as you pair them with some kitten heels to style it just right.

IV. Combat Boots

Channel your grunge alter ego with some combat boots that are sturdy and a popular shoe statement that goes with almost any outfit. A slinky dress, a checkered skirt or some slinky fishnets; pick your aesthetic and go for it!

V. Track pants

The track pants fanbase is real and thriving thanks to the latest Balenciaga x Adidas collab that recontextualized sporty meets street aesthetic. Pair it with a matching jacket and oversized boxy tees the Rihanna way!

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