Budget Escapism - 4 Destinations In India For The Next Time You Want To Travel On A Budget

Budget Escapism - 4 Destinations In India For The Next Time You Want To Travel On A Budget
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A regular Monday at your desk will have you mulling over infinite tropical locations you wish you could jet off too. Routine gets the better of us and we all yearn for some escapism. We are also a generation that prioritizes self-actualization and relaxation and part of that entails that we explore new places and connect more with ourselves. While a getaway to France sounds wonderful, it is not always very economically feasible. Hence, we bring to you a list of destinations in India that provide you with that escapism on a budget. From Pondicherry’s French influences to Shimla’s beautiful Civic Center to Rajasthan’s spectacular Jaisalmer Fort, our country has spectacular destinations that have so much to offer.

I. Pondicherry - Tamil Nadu

A wonderful alternative to France

Pondicherry offers an amalgamation of different experiences and cultures that can be explored in one place. It houses the majestic and soulful Sri Aurobindo Ashram that offers to unravel the secrets of living for individuals that are looking to delve deeper into themselves. Pondicherry was a French colony settlement till 1954 and the influence of the same is evident until today. The beautiful Promenade beach will have you in awe of the clear blue water and vivid sunsets. The structures that run through the French Quarter retain the quality of that time period and make you feel like you’re almost not in the same country. The contrasting cultures of Tamilian spaces with French bistros and bakeries provide you with a beautiful duality that is extremely unique and rare. The French Quarter is accentuated with brightly painted facades and tranquil streets that boast of prolific local cuisine, art, and culture. At Pondicherry, budget escapism is as good as it gets.

II. Jaisalmer Fort - Rajasthan

A beautiful alternative to Dubrovnik or Croatia

Jaisalmer Fort is a testimonial to the Indian structural might and acumen. One of the largest forts across the world, one may dismiss it as a nascent structure at the first glance but if you tread upon the streets of the fort, you might be able to witness extraordinary cultures and life brimming in them. The streets cut through the massive structure like veins on a weathered hand. The fort is situated atop the Trikuta hill amidst the mellow terrain of the Great Thar Desert. It is a delight for artists, tourists, and musicians. Multiple medlies can be heard at the intersections of these streets. The fort houses local artists and heritage hotels and hostels. It is a popular destination for the bold traveller who is not afraid to get lost. The fort is home to ancient secrets and narratives and almost operates like a labyrinth that promises a unique experience for every kind of traveller. I visited this fort a few years back and met astoundingly talented locals and seen breathtaking visuals. The locals were friendly and I particularly remember this one miniature painter who sat with us for three hours and taught us the art of making paint out of natural materials. From rooftop bars perched at landings of the fort, to quaint bookstores that house books as old as a hundred years, Jaisalmer Fort will always be one of the most unique places in India.

III. Lakshadweep

A great alternative to the Great Barrier Reef or the Maldives

The whole world is privy to the coral reefs of Australia or the clear blue waters of Maldives but very few have chartered into the pristine beaches of Lakshadweep. Only 10 out of 36 islands are accessible and about four to five are open for tourists. Their beauty lies in the fact that they have been largely untouched by the majority of the tourist population and hence can provide you with a serenity that not a lot of places can. An array of watersports from scuba-diving to snorkelling are available for tourists. A reasonable diversity of resorts, homestays, eco stays and government houses are permuted across the islands. Undisturbed vantages of beaches are available at economical rates. Lakshadweep is perfect for travellers that are sensitive and receptive to everything nature has to offer and appreciate solitude as much as they crave adventure.

IV. Khajjar - Himachal Pradesh

For the times you want to explore the alps of Switzerland

Switzerland has always been a dream location for most Indians who grew up watching Bollywood films. Nestled in the rugged and diverse lands of Himachal Pradesh, Khajjar is a paradise for trekkers and nature lovers. The visuals are breathtaking and a number of cottages, resorts, and chalets are available for tourists. From pre-historic temples to local silver jewellery exquisitely detailed with care towards the diverse flora and fauna, Jhajjar is a cultural and natural paradise. You can find locals playing football on green pastures where livestock share the ground with them and snow-capped hills towering the land. Khajjar is almost like a postcard coming to life and it is an ideal alternative to your life long dream of visiting the Swiss Alps.

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