By Food Lovers, For Food Lovers: Attend A One-Of-A-Kind Food Festival This November 

The Food Nerd Festival
The Food Nerd FestivalGoya Media & Edible Issues

While we all eat food for sustenance, all of us have a relationship with it that far extends beyond its basic function. The food that we consume is a reflection of our identity and legacy. It is often a medium where conflicts and influences culminate to create something new. The culture and community that is built around gastronomy is ever-evolving. With the rise of social media and the general rise in entrepreneurship, many who are passionate about food have found avenues to connect with others over their shared love for the world of food and its varied intersections. 

As a cosmopolitan city with people from many communities, Bangalore has become renowned for its unique food joints and ventures. There are also passionate home chefs from Bangalore who are experimenting with and delivering local and world cuisine alike. It is therefore befitting that the Food Nerd Festival is being organised in Bangalore in late November. The event is founded by the food and culture publication Goya Journal, and the food and design collective Edible Issues, and by the impact-driven marketing agency Two Tigers and Co. According to their website, the festival is a way to create “a space to celebrate the people and community, to meet the best and brightest in the food business, be inspired, form deeper connections and meaningful collaborations between people.”

The early bird tickets for the event are currently live, while the team has yet to share the actual location of the event. But the all-day event is scheduled for 25th November at 9 AM and includes a wide range of activities and events for the attendees. The talks and panels for the event titled the ‘Food Nerd Playground’ is organised in collaboration with Zomato Live. From talks on how to leverage your brand to grow your business to discussions on the age-old question of whether to scale a profitable business or to remain a boutique venture, the panels touch upon many key concerns for the industry. From renowned chefs and bakers to food marketing mavens and passionate founders of disruptive food and beverage-based businesses, the team behind the event is bringing together the best of the best in the industry. 

In addition to the panels, there is also a Food Nerd Labs for workshops on food and eating, a Food Ned Market where the attendees can try out a myriad of food and drinks, and even a Food Nerd After Hours event that leans further into the dining experience with Appetisers and Aperitifs. With the tagline of ‘Fresh Ideas. Delicious Bites.’, the Food Nerd Festival is a great event for those who love to deep dive into all things culinary - from the agriculture and cooking aspects to the business of food, to even learning more about the sociocultural impact and influences associated with it. 

You can stay tuned to their page here. 

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