How Bengaluru Home Chefs Are Elevating The City's Culinary Landscape

How Bengaluru Home Chefs Are Elevating The City's Culinary Landscape

Whether one could credit it to the thriving food culture in Bangalore, or simply to the fact that people from varying cultures move to the city, there are a whole lot of cuisines to try out, if you’re in Bangalore. Going beyond the usual restaurants, the city is home to passionate home chefs who cook up and serve limited plates of their fare. From authentic Bhatkali cuisine from Lady and Ladle to Dough Re Mi’s gourmet ice creams, there are a lot of home chefs cooking meals to be tried and tasted if you’re in Bangalore.

If you’re looking to experience some unique dishes from the comfort of your own home, the following home chefs in Bangalore are serving up some delectable dishes. 

Curly Sue Pork

There is nothing more important or iconic to Coorgi cuisine than their many varied preparations of Pork. Curly Sue based out of Kaverappa Layout in Bangalore offers everything from slow-cooked pulled pork to a range of delectable pork sausages. They even feature slow-cooked Goan Pork Vindaloo and a Rosemary-crusted pork rack. Run by Uttam and Radhica Muthappa, their offerings are available throughout the week. While their global cuisine recipes may come from passionate experimentation and a love for food, the traditional dishes are created from family recipes that have been closely guarded for generations. 

Culinary Yatra 

For those Malayalis in Bangalore who want more than what the restaurants have to offer - Culinary Yatra by Ranjini Nambiar is a venture to keep your eyes on. Serving traditional Kerala cuisine that ranges from Kannur style Dum Biriyani to Angamaly Style Pork Ularthu. While she shares her journey of trying out food throughout the week, her delivery menus are only available on weekends. 

Bungaraya Malaysian Home Food

Run by Sunita who makes a variety of Malaysian food at home, Bungaraya whips up the best of Malay cuisine over weekends. Using the best quality ingredients from lemongrass and pandan to tofu and sambal, they offer a varied menu. Their latest menu features everything from a simple Nasi Goreng, which you can order as a single serving to a delectable Kui Seri Muka dessert, for which you will have to place party orders of multiple servings. 

Dough Re Mi

From gourmet ice creams to curated global cuisine, Dough Re Mi is created by a mother and daughter-in-law duo Archana Kanoria and Anushree Choudhary. The catering service has a curated menu that includes homemade pasta, burritos, Asian salads and more. They also serve up select seasonal dishes and hampers during the festive season. Their dishes are vegetarian and some of their most popular items include their savoury appetisers and baked goods. 

Karnivore Kitchen

For those seeking to experience the depths and flavours of quality meat dishes, Karnivore Kitchen is a great venture to look to. Kalyan Gopalakrishna is the owner and chef who curates high-quality Bannur lamb and pork and creates delectable dishes with them. The options usually include the chef's family recipes that are of Old Bangalore Naati Cuisine, his creations, or his take on regional dishes from other places whose recipes he has researched or borrowed from traditional recipes. Some of the most beloved dishes that he offers include the Bannur Mutton Pepper Roast and his Lemon Coriander Pork Ribs.

Lady and Ladle

Drawing from her roots, Fathima Riyaz is a home chef who serves dishes from Bhatkali cuisine. Bhatkal is a coastal town in Uttara Kannada District and has influences that include Konkan and Middle Eastern cultures in their food. Educating and entrancing people through her delicious dishes, Fathima Riyaz has been slowly gaining popularity in Bangalore and some of her popular dishes include Vermicelli Biryani, Prawn Mudkule, and Haldi Pana Nevri.  

No matter whose dishes you are craving from the above list, you can reach out to them via their Instagram DMs or stay tuned their pages for their next delivery announcements.

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