Calling All Textile Artists: Join The Himalayan Knot Residency In Ladakh

The Himalayan Knot Residency
The Himalayan Knot Residency sā Ladakh

High in the Himalayas, surrounded by mountains, is an unparalleled art initiative called sā Ladakh. Nothing like a typical gallery exhibition; sā Ladakh takes contemporary land art to new heights, literally, as South Asia's highest-ever exhibition at a staggering 3600 meters above sea level.  Their focus is the very mountains themselves, along with the environment, culture, and the vital role the community plays in it all.

sā Ladakh's Himalayan Knot Residency offers a unique opportunity for textile and fiber artists to showcasing your art in a breathtaking landscape, while also contributing to a vital cause: addressing climate change. This residency program specifically targets fiber and textile artist, to create a dialogue between art, environment, culture, and community.

In collaboration with Royal Enfield, sā Ladakh is back for its second edition, titled 'The Future of Immersive Land Art / Immersive Land Art and the Future', happening from June 1st to June 10th, 2024.  This edition promises a fresh perspective with a selection of site-specific art installations and sculptures, but with an exciting addition: immersive audio-visual performances.  The artist list boasts a diverse group of creators, including Ladakhi artists like Kunzes Angmo and Tsetan Angmo, alongside international names like Viola Borden (USA) and Laurent Ziegler (Austria).

As a resident artist, you'll be challenged to grapple with the realities of climate change. This residency is about using your creativity to raise awareness about this critical issue. Consider the impact of climate change on a global scale, but also how it's affecting the local Ladakhi environment. By incorporating this message into your work, you'll be contributing to a global conversation with the power to inspire action.

Art thrives on connection. sā Ladakh encourages artists to actively engage with the Ladakhi community. This could involve collaborating with local artisans on your project, initiating conversations with visitors, or offering workshops. By fostering intercultural exchange, you'll be using your art to bridge cultural gaps and create a sense of shared purpose.

By sparking curiosity and fostering environmental consciousness in young minds, you'll be leaving a lasting impact beyond the residency itself. sā Ladakh recognizes the importance of inspiring future generations. Think about how your art can resonate with young people

Participants are encouraged to consider how their textile or fiber art installations or performances can enrich the overarching theme of 'The Future of Immersive Land Art.' Leveraging the distinct landscape of Ladakh offers a unique opportunity for innovation and reinterpretation. Through the deliberate deviation from conventional perspectives on land art, artists have the chance to influence the trajectory of this dynamic art form, shaping its evolution for years to come.

Become part of this groundbreaking initiative at the crossroads of art, community, and environmental responsibility. Don't miss this chance to showcase your art and make a lasting impact on the world.

The Himalayan Knot Residency is an opportunity for passionate textile and fiber artists to showcase their talent, engage with a community, and make a difference. If you're ready to use your creativity as a force for positive change, then apply here by May 14th, 2024.

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