CDC's First Store Represents The Arrival Of Streetwear Brands As Emerging Cultural Spaces

 CDC's First Store Represents The Arrival Of Streetwear Brands As Emerging Cultural Spaces

The street culture in the domain of fashion is all about making an impact and shedding a spotlight on the pulse of the youth. As we find ourselves constantly engaging and participating in a culture so dynamic and creatively charged, there is an undeniable imprint of the Indian street culture on the global map.

While the culture expresses itself in the form of art, ideas and silhouettes, there has been an expansive growth of platforms and uber-cool spaces across the country that aim to highlight and echo the rising creative wave. From sports stars to your favourite fashion influencers, the fanbase subscribing to community spaces that harbour creative stimulation and a keen eye for fashion is on the rise. One cannot miss out on exciting avenues that are emerging as the torchbearers for Indian fashion and all its subcultures.

Image Courtesy: Crep Dog Crew
Image Courtesy: Crep Dog Crew

If you’re one of the cool kids avidly exploring the homegrown community spirit and riding high on this wave then we have some good news for you!

Crepdog Crew (CDC), one of India’s premier sneaker and streetwear marketplace, transitioned from an online store to a physical retail space located in Delhi’s hotspot Saidulajab area.

Offering a one-of-a-kind shopping experience that proves to be a dream come true for all fashion connoisseurs out there, CDC is all about introducing and inculcating a bold voice to the homegrown streetwear climate. Catering to all demographics, CDC is regarded as the biggest sneaker store that provides an ultimate shopping experience that fulfills all your streetwear needs. Whether you’re a homegrown fashion aficionado or if you often find yourself hooked to international brands, the CDC experience has something for everyone!

The space revolves around the idea of magnifying the scope of streetwear in India and tapping into the fashion zeitgeist. It has been designed as an experiential zone where everyone across different fashion persuasions is welcome.

Check out the latest scoop on the buzzing store here.

Image Courtesy: Crep Dog Crew

The CDC Experience delivers an engaging retail experience, combining premium products as well as enhanced customer experiences like the name suggests. From community building to art and sports, the store aims to connect people across the fashion landscape through an immaculately curated collection of sneakers and clothing.

Providing a multifaceted experience to its customers, the store features a craft coffee bar and patisserie called Brisk, a basketball court and there’s even a burger shop in the works. For an engaging retail experience, feel free to grab a bite as you check out the hottest releases of the season at the store.

Paying homage to the heavy influence of basketball culture and its direct influence on the sneaker industry, the space boasts of a half-court in the outdoor space that lets you ball out in style (quite literally).

Selling some of the best homegrown streetwear designers and brands, it’s the perfect proposition when you’re on the hunt to amp your drip quotient.

Image Courtesy: Crep Dog Crew

Featuring brands like Natty Garb, Bomachi, Warping Theories, Aesthetic of Resistance, and Odd Mood for all your boundary-breaking vestment needs, consider streetwear to stand out this season.

If you’re a bling addict, be sure to check out accessories by Jaipur-based brand Noble, Happy Socks, Good Lace Company and Cloud Botany. From luxury fashion house editions through to exclusive drops, you can find just about any kind of sneakers you want here alongside sneaker care brands like Sneakare and Sneaker Lab to keep your shoe finds as sustainable as ever.

Customers can expect immersive experiences and elevated product storytelling at this much-anticipated streetwear store. All in all, the store encapsulates a high-end curation and creatively charged pulse that seems to resonate with the fashion-forward youth of the nation.

Check out the retail store here.

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