Chandigarh-Based Photographer Farheen Fatima Debuts A Retro-Esque Ode To Longing

Chandigarh-Based Photographer Farheen Fatima Debuts A Retro-Esque Ode To Longing

Singular drum beats set to the footsteps of a man entering a room with a large window lead us into the retro-esque world of Sangram Malik’s ‘Buland Singh Mastana’ music video. The black and white music video marks the directorial debut of Chandigarh-based photographer and visual storyteller Farheen Fatima, best known for her ability to capture the beauty in both the extraordinary and the ordinary, giving us both strikingly raw and stunningly natural photographs that are beautiful combination of fine art, fantasy, and fashion, landscapes, and atmospheres.

With her music video now she is once again able to capture the melancholic and lonely feel of singer-songwriter Sangram Malik’s down-tempo emotional pop single. The soulful rendition reveals the longing, pondering and introspections of a man with his beloved at the centre of these conversations. Fused with elements of nature and his singular presence in a large empty building, the music video compliments the old-school charm of the single that is at once soothing owing to Sangram’s melodious voice and unsettling owing to the vulnerability and sadness that the lyrics bring out. The music video revels in the beauty of the dance of lights and shadows in each frame that brings out the juxtaposition of one’s inner emotions that Sangram’s lyricism talks of.

Check out Sangram Malik’s work here.

Check out Farheen Fatima’s work here.

Audio Credits
Composition and Vocals - Sangram Malik (@sangrammalikofficial)

Lyrics - Amandeep Singh Talwar Label - Gaah Records (@gaahrecords)

Video Credits

Concept and Direction - Farheen Fatima (@farheenay)

D.O.P and Editing - Abhinav Sharma

Featuring - Sangram Malik

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