Conversations, Cuisine & Community: Homegrown Supper Clubs On Our Radar

Conversations, Cuisine & Community: Homegrown Supper Clubs On Our Radar

Supper clubs, originating from the Midwest and now found in various states such as Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and Iowa, have evolved from their early 1900s roots as social clubs offering a combination of upscale dining and community gatherings. Initially stemming from prohibition roadhouses, these establishments later transformed into the supper clubs we know today. While the earlier versions featured full evening entertainment including cocktails, dinner, and live music, most modern supper clubs have shifted their focus to provide a refined yet affordable dining experience. Although the entertainment aspect has diminished over time, the core values of camaraderie and shared gastronomic pleasures remain integral to the supper club experience.

The pandemic-induced isolation and subsequent longing for community led to the emergence of a new wave of supper clubs across India.. These supper clubs aimed to provide a space for individuals to reconnect over food and conversations, fostering a sense of belonging. Evoking the essence of the original supper clubs, these Indian renditions combined the warmth of communal dining with a diverse culinary landscape, offering a platform for individuals to forge new connections and cherish the joy of shared meals. Here are some homegrown supper clubs on our radar.

Sichuan Cuisine
Sichuan CuisineMá Là Kitchen

Má Là Kitchen

Bengaluru's Má Là Kitchen, established by Dongli Zhang and Aditya Ramakrishnan, embodies the spirit of introducing Sichuan cuisine from Chengdu, China, to new audiences. Hosting intimate supper club events, the restaurant showcases the diverse flavours of Sichuan through a carefully curated menu, including dishes like the wood ear mushroom salad, mouth-watering chicken, dan-dan noodles, and the signature mapo tofu. The immersive experience, starting with a traditional tea ceremony, extends beyond culinary delight, educating guests about Sichuan's rich cultural heritage, exemplified by the presence of a historic calligraphy piece on the dining table.

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Andhra, Telangana & Hyderabadi Cuisine
Andhra, Telangana & Hyderabadi CuisineThe Satori Supper Club

The Satori Supper Club

The Satori Supper Club, founded by Sreya Vittaldev and Shagun Ohri, is a platform that unites diners for unique culinary experiences. Each session explores a different regional cuisine, with their most recent gathering in August featuring closely guarded family recipes from Andhra, Telangana, and Hyderabadi cuisines. Beyond gastronomy, the club serves as a means to expand social networks in a bustling city like Bengaluru. Their latest session introduced a modern twist on Hyderabadi shahi tukda, layered with coffee-hazelnut rabdi, complemented by custom-made malt ice cream and garnished with toasted hazelnuts.

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Awadhi Cuisine
Awadhi CuisineVogue

The Salon

The Salon, situated in the heart of New York, stands as a homage to the rich cultural heritage of the South Asian diaspora, curated with heartfelt dedication by Ananya Chopra and Kritika Manchanda. Reflecting the warmth and culinary traditions of Indian households, this monthly supper club offers an intimate 'mehfil'-like dining experience within a bustling metropolis. Embracing the concept of the historic French salons, The Salon features treasured family recipes, complemented by vintage dinnerware. The recent celebration of Awadhi cuisine featured a delightful array of dishes including Banarasi aloo, Awadhi biryani, shahi tukda, The Galawati Kebab, and rabdi, among other delectable offerings.

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Sichuan Cuisine
Sichuan CuisineHouse Of Málà

House of Málà

House Of Málà, founded by self-taught chefs and sisters Prachi and Saloni Gupta in Mumbai, is a Sichuan Supper Club dedicated to celebrating the flavors of authentic Sichuan cuisine. Offering a 5-course vegetarian menu highlighting the distinct numbing (Ma) and spicy (La) elements of Málà, the intimate six-seater dining space fosters a convivial atmosphere for food enthusiasts to connect and bond over their shared love for innovative flavours. Beyond the delectable dishes, the club provides an immersive dining experience with engaging conversations, entertaining games, and captivating stories, promising an unforgettable culinary adventure for every guest.

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