Delhi, Join The ‘Anti-Club’ Counterculture Movement With WMXperience This Weekend

Delhi, Join The ‘Anti-Club’ Counterculture Movement With WMXperience This Weekend

Warehouse Mix is a community shaping the dance music & alternate lifestyle culture in India through experiential spaces and their AntiClub movement. Over the last few years, they've built a fairly good community of creatives from various backgrounds like — dancers, DJs, house music enthusiasts, graffiti artists, visual artists, capoeiristas, skateboarders, filmmakers/photographers, climbers etc., and held various events at conventional and unconventional spaces alike, mostly centred around house music. 

This week, the community brings us WMXperience, their 3rd annual festival packed with workshops, a dance battle and their flagship event, the Anti-Club with a special guest from New York. It’s an apt representation of a global cultural exchange while bringing the counterculture movement to a pedestal in India as they have always promoted.

Schooling, one of the three legs of this festival involves workshops where dancers can enhance their skills and expand their flow and connection with house music. This is a way of bridging the gap for Indian dancers and taking them directly to the source of the dance music community that started it all in New York City. 

Sekou Heru AKA Tony WIlliams has been a significant member of the community and carries the quintessence of house dance. His unique style fuses a range of forms from hip-hop, B-boying, and house to capoeira and fitness. His techniques are designed to help his students bring body awareness and excellence through dance foundations. He has travelled around the world sharing the history, style and culture of dance music.

He will be schooling the community with workshops on house dance fundamentals, movement & mobility and judging the Get Down Battle.

Get Down, which is another leg of this festival, is an extension to help the community get more comfortable and get a deeper connection with this culture. It’s an opportunity to absorb all the knowledge and expertise passed down in Schooling, blend it with their own expression, and engage in dialogue with other community members through dance. With Get Down they take back the experience and techniques that add character to their art.  

The Anti-Club movement is an evolving part of WMX to support fellow sapiens who feel dulled by the folkways and mores of materialism. They're breaking the rules as they're tired of accommodating in rooms with little space to move, inappropriate hissing & hooting and restrictive entry — either based on conventional dress codes or the stigmatized gender ratios at these clubs.

Through the anti-club movement, WMX wants to let people be and come as they are. The primal goal of this movement is to provide an open space, freedom to express and music which blends people of every community and culture. It takes inspiration from the counterculture movement that started in the 60’s and builds its own institution. 

WMXperience is a reflection of art, chaos and love, a place to let expression grasp you in the moment and feel everybody moving in synergy. With house music that thrives on the ethos of free-expression and a non-judgmental attitude filling up the air, the festival brings us an eclectic approach to form and nourish our connection with each other and the dance music culture.

WMXperience is happening from December 16 to 18 at the Gallant Play Arena in GK1, New Delhi.

Click here to register for the workshops, battle and Anti-Club event.

And checkout a video tracing the history and purpose of the Warehouse Mix community below.

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