Dive Into Fandoms & Fiction At These Stand-Out Mumbai Comic Book Stores

Dive Into Fandoms & Fiction At These Stand-Out Mumbai Comic Book Stores

The world of comics welcomes us into a carefully curated space of innovative beings and supernatural situations. It provides a well deserved break from our mundane routines by inviting us to travel into a world of fantasy and fiction. They are also remainders of our childhood and evoke a sense of nostalgia as we flip through the pages of classic comics.

From Natraj to Tintin, we have been on interesting adventures with different characters from mythical worlds. Time and again we wish to participate in this experience once again and look out for avenues that still carry the classics as well as more extraordinary creations to explore. So, here is a specially curated list of unique comic book stores across the city of Mumbai. 

I. The Comic Bookstore

Situated in Bandra, India’s first licensed comic bookstore is the perfect location to purchase premium international classics from the house of Marvel and DC. Their flagship store provides branded merchandise, signed artefacts and memorabilia. Along with mainstream hits the store also sells exclusive copies that are hard to find in India. In addition to carrying a collection of over a 1000 comic books they have an impressive photo booth where one can adorn iconic costumes while getting photographed. 

II. Fort Pavement

The iconic spot to find comic books at cheap prices, the pavement sellers at Fort will provide you with a wide range of collections. Once banned, these booksellers have again managed to find a space to sell the most unique copies from around India and more. You can go through their large piles to find a mix of your favourite titles. One has to be careful while purchasing as some comics tend to be incomplete, when this happens you can ask the vendors for another copy. 

III. Kala Ghoda

A few steps ahead from the fort is the Kala Ghoda Complex where footpath booksellers present collections of vintage Mad magazines, as well as the usual Archies and Tintins. You can easily find popular titles as well as some newbies in the world of comics. Make sure to extensively go through the collections as you might miss out on some original gems. 

IV. V.L. Nayak Bookstore

A considerably smaller bookstore, V.L. Nayak in Khar West sells curated sets of comic books from India and abroad. You will spot cultural treasures such as Amar Chitra Katha, Tinkle and Phantom as well as DC and Marvel singles. With a whole collection of pulp writing this store stands apart from the other relatively new stores. V.L. Nayak has been a landmark location for decades and continues to prosper to date.

V. Trilogy 

Divided into two sections, the Trilogy store has a separate library and bookshop; carrying gems such as Showa: A History Of Japan, Shigeru Mizuki and graphic novels based on the life of Martin Luther King. In addition to these, the store also sells classic Indian comics. The comforting space provides you with a chance to enjoy reading your favourites at leisure and is the perfect place to truly explore your love of comics.