Dualist Inquiry's New Single Is A Sonic Celebration Of Present Moments And Memories

All There Is
All There IsDualist Inquiry

Dualist Inquiry has an idiosyncratic sound that clarifies why he is frequently dubbed as the “poster boy of Indian electronica”. Positioned as a cultural trailblazer on the brink of an exciting new chapter with his third full-length album, Sahej Bakshi, alias Dualist Inquiry, stands as a pioneer within the Indian alternative music scene.

Dualist Inquiry, has once again stepped into the limelight with his latest single, 'All There Is', a prelude to his much-anticipated third studio album, 'When We Get There'.

I’m really happy to finally put this new body of music out there. This album has been in the works for almost a year, and “All There Is” marks a special, celebratory moment on the album - while the rest of the record goes through some introspective and nostalgic spaces this one is about taking in the moment and having fun.
Dualist Inquiry

This latest single marks a celebratory moment in the forthcoming album, offering a euphoric and mesmerising journey through a landscape created with dreamy, emotive arpeggios, uplifting pads, and garage-influenced breaks. Reflecting on the passage of time and the evolving nature of memories, 'All There Is' serves as a reminder to stay present in the moment amidst life's transient nature.

The album promises to be Dualist Inquiry's most intimate and authentic artistic expression yet, encapsulating over a decade's worth of musical experience. With influences spanning diverse genres from Indian sounds to electronica, UK garage, breaks, and experimental elements, the album is poised to showcase the evolution and depth of Dualist Inquiry's musical repertoire.

Dualist Inquiry's journey traces back to his beginnings in a New Delhi bedroom studio in 2010, where he began shaping his distinctive sound. Over the years, he has garnered critical acclaim and a dedicated following, sharing stages with prominent artists like Bonobo, Fatboy Slim, and Flying Lotus, while representing India at international festivals and making significant appearances at the country's own music festivals.

To mark the release of 'All There Is' and build anticipation for the album, Dualist Inquiry is set to debut a brand-new live AV show at prestigious events like Magnetic Fields and Lollapalooza in India.

Sahej Bakshi's words about 'All There Is; echo the sentiment embedded in the track—a reminder to savour and embrace the present moment amidst life's fleeting nature. As anticipation grows for the album's release, Dualist Inquiry continues to be a driving force in India's burgeoning alternative music scene.

'All There Is' is out on all streaming platforms.

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