Experience An Old-School Outdoor Experience With Mumbai’s First Urban Picnic Project

Experience An Old-School Outdoor Experience With Mumbai’s First Urban Picnic Project
The Picnic Project

While there is a surplus of benefits that comes with living in a dense and diverse city like Mumbai, very few places offer outdoor experiences that give us a much-needed respite from urban life. Open spaces, flea markets and art festivals add life and connection to a dense city fabric that often has us feeling disconnected. Mumbai’s most loved collectives, Mumbai Foodie, Team Label and Chrome Asia are coming together to launch the city’s first unique urban picnic experience. The Picnic Project is organised by Ronak Rajani - Founder Mumbai Foodie, Pawan Shahri and Nikita Harisinghani - Chrome Asia & Ronak Rochlani and Mohit Menghrajani - Team Label. The two-day event has been scheduled to be held on February 22 and 23.

We all have childhood memories associated with picnics with our family and the team wants to revive this ideal and help you experience something personal and authentic. Rajani, Shahri, and Rochlani, who are established names in the hospitality industry recognized a need for such a curation and decided to come together to put together the ultimate old school, unforgettable weekend hangout experience within the city. The project is designed to be a one-stop for family and friends to have diverse experiences under the sky with baskets and blankets. The picnic will allow each individual to experience nostalgia and pure fun from start to finish.

The partners have 30 years of combined experience in the events and hospitality industry and they aim to leverage that to make sure that the two days are filled with fun and joy. The team understands the current market and desires to curate a niche event that aims to give Mumbai a much-needed respite from the hectic city life. The Picnic Project has been planned to be an oasis of food, fun, and games for the people within the city. The escape will have all the offerings from specially curated food & beverage stalls, play areas, kite flying pit, and movie screening within the arena itself. Each pop-up at the arena will ensure that they don’t just sell products but ensure that individuals get an escapade that will stay with them forever and bring them back to the brand. The highlight is that the individuals will also be allowed to carry their own picnic baskets with food/beverages to the event.

The team aims to build a community and a culture that the city currently lacks. The Picnic Project will not just be an event but a cult in the making that the people of the city will swear by in the coming editions. Ideas of community integration and development are so very important in today’s time where one often finds themselves disconnected from the city and such projects set a great precedent for more collectives to curate such projects.

The event will be held at The Hub, High Street Phoenix on February 22 and 23, and it will go on from 12 PM to 11 PM. Two arenas (Festival Square & Universal Square) will be occupied for the same.

You can buy tickets here.

Source: The Picnic Project via Instagram
Source: The Picnic Project via Instagram

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