Experience The Hornbill Festival With This Travelling Luxury Camp In Nagaland

Experience The Hornbill Festival With This Travelling Luxury Camp In Nagaland

The North Eastern region of India is home to some of the most vibrant cultures of the country. While travellers mostly shy away from the seven sisters of India due to their apprehensions about the rough terrain and unsuitable climate, there are still a few who wish to witness the colourful festivals and local handicrafts of various Northeastern tribes. But for someone like me, who has never been to the Northeast, not knowing where to start from can be a big hurdle. However, with this one-of-a kind luxury camp arriving in Nagaland that’s opening for travellers just in time for one of the state’s biggest festival, that’s something we no longer have to worry about.

The Ultimate Travelling Camp (TUTC) is bringing to India, its first exclusive luxury camp. What makes this luxury camp different is its nomadic nature the fact that it is going to be functioning only during a specific time of the year varying in accordance to the regions of the country it is located in. It promises its guests carefully selected experiences in exceptional locations, landscapes that have previously been unexplored, and authentic glimpses into the vastness of rural cultures.

The Kohima Camp set up by TUTC in Nagaland, is located amidst the forests with scenic views of the hills and mountains in sight, the gentle sound of a stream making its way down the hills - almost like a soothing lullaby for tired souls. An atmosphere like this is suited for those looking for some time away from the fast paced city life as well as those in hunt for some adventure or discovery. The guests can choose to stay in the premises and enjoy some ‘green therapy’ while overlooking inspiring landscapes or witness the vibrant culture of the region by being a part of the Hornbill Festival of the Nagas.


The festival is a 10-day celebration held in the month of December every year, where the locals exhibit their traditional art and crafts, cuisine and radiant performances. The venue for the same is a 15-minute drive away from the camp. Participants can expect to find themselves engrossed in oral renditions of legendary headhunting tales narrated by the tribesmen or overlooking events like the archery and chilli eating contests. Travellers are also given an option to dive deeper into the Naga culture with village walks planned and curated by the camp helping them discover traditions and practices of the region and the unique ways of life there.

The camp boasts of a reception tent, a space of interaction between the guests to share their stories. Its wifi and range of indoor board games ensure not a second of your time their is spent in vain or boredom. All its tents consist of a comfortable four poster bed and furniture that is tastefully selected to exude vintage charms. The dining tent that serves international, national and the regional cuisine along with an in-house bakery ensures that your taste buds are taken well care of. One can also spend some quality time in its boutique that offers some of the finest local handicrafts or the library which has a unique collection handpicked books.

The camp can also be customised for those looking to surprise loved ones on special occasions or to hold wedding ceremonies and other celebrations. It will be operational from 29th November 2018 to 12th December 2018 and will be available for those interested in the experience next year on the same dates.

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