Sit Down For A Delicious, Home-Style Karnataka Feast In Mumbai This November Only

Canteen Karnataka Feast
Canteen Karnataka FeastThe Bombay Canteen

“Will I be judged for eating with my hands?”

“How do you even do justice to this food with a fork and spoon?!”

“I’m just going to go for it — but will it get too messy?”

If you’ve ever dealt with these questions in your head, we get it. Even though a majority of Indian food is best enjoyed when eaten by hand (don’t fight us on this one), it isn’t common to eat with your hand in a restaurant. Well, you can thank The Bombay Canteen and The Bengaluru Oota Company for your chance to simply sit back and enjoy your meal with none of the above inhibitions! The ‘Canteen Karnataka Feast’ celebrates a homely experience drawing from the traditional kitchens of two Kannada communities; Gowda and Mangalorean. Spread over two weeks from November 1 to November 15, is a purely indulgent feast, allowing one to experience an authentic curation of food textures, spices, and even new techniques of eating!

The dynamic duo of The Bengaluru Oota Company, Vishal Shetty and Divya Prabhakar, have put together an elegant menu out of the age-old recipes of oota (Bengaluru’s fond term for food) that they inherited from their mothers, grandmothers and grandaunts. While both Gowda and Mangalorean cuisines are intrinsic to Karnataka, their different flavour palettes come together in the Feast’s Yele Oota – a tasting menu that comprises of 13 dishes. From the Gowda kitchen comes the Ghee Rice with Mamsa Saaru (a traditional mutton curry), Sirikeri and Karamani Palya (Amaranth leaves cooked with green chillies and black eyed peas), amongst other dishes.

The Mangalore cuisine includes Kundapur Kori Taal (coconut chicken curry), and Pundi Ajadina (rice balls coated in coconut masala, a special little dish innovated by Vishal herself), to name a few. The tangy Rasam makes a fitting intervention in between, giving you some time to reflect on the delicious flavours that you tasted whilst preparing you for those that are yet to arrive. There is also an a la carte menu, in case you’re looking for a meal that curtails specifically to your taste. While local Kannadiga recipes take a gourmet turn, the Canteen adds to the vibrant menu with its signature cocktails: Kokum Spritzer, sparkling wine with white rum, kokum syrup and cranberry juice, and the filter coffee inspired Canteen Kaapi made of whisky, cherry brand and a housemade espresso-caramel syrup.

Staying true to their motto of taking guests through the lesser-known food cultures, the Bombay Canteen’s Sous Chef Shannon Lawrence co-curated the menu for this unique gastronomical experience. In his opinion, every region in India has something unique to offer, whether it’s the local produce or the way each community cooks their food.

Where: The Bombay Canteen, Kamala Mills, S.B. Road, Lower Parel, Mumbai

When: 1 November to 15 November

Price: INR 2400 + taxes for the Vegetarian Yele Oota and INR 2800 + taxes for the Non-Vegetarian Yele Oota for 2 persons (limited portions).

Limited choice of a la carte dishes priced between INR 450 to INR 750 + taxes.

For reservations, you can contact The Bombay Canteen on + 91 22 49666666.

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