Hidden Gems & Vintage Charm: A Homegrown Guide To Pune's Furniture Markets

Discover unique furniture and home decor in these markets across Pune
Discover unique furniture and home decor in these markets across PuneArchitecture Digest

Pune, a city steeped in culture and history, beckons to the adventurous spirit of vintage enthusiasts. Tucked away amidst the vibrant streets are hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. If you're captivated by the allure and character of vintage furniture, Pune's markets are a playground of possibilities. Here's a guide to some of the markets in Pune, each with their own unique offerings and distinct personalities.

MG Road

MG Road, a bustling commercial hub, is also home to a vibrant vintage furniture market. As you stroll past modern boutiques and sip coffee at trendy cafes, you'll see charming shops brimming with a diverse array of antique treasures. From art-deco chests to colonial sofas, this street caters to all tastes. A stroll along this iconic road might unveil a unique piece that could breathe new life into your home's ambience.

Pisoli Market

Pisoli Market is a haven for people who would love to cherish old-school furniture. From rustic pieces, tables carved with intricacy, and chairs whose elegance portrays stories from the past, Pisoli has various furniture stores where you can find pieces apt for your dream house. The market keeps up an atmosphere of old times, while merchants can provide someone with details about any item they sell.

Khadki Bazaar

Khadki Bazaar, nestled in the heart of Pune, is a cultural melting pot where diverse influences converge. Amidst the bustling market, you'll find numerous stalls offering second-hand furniture at surprisingly affordable prices. Whether you're searching for teakwood cabinets from yesteryears or retro-inspired dining tables, Khadki Bazaar has it all. The vibrant atmosphere and rich diversity make it a must-visit for those with a penchant for timeless pieces.

Juna Bazaar

Stepping into Juna Bazaar is like entering a time capsule, where the past and present intertwine. Nestled in Kasba Peth, an old part of Pune, this market is a treasure trove of vintage furniture and artefacts. From intricately carved wooden doors to brass lamps, each item at Juna Bazaar carries a piece of history, evoking a sense of nostalgia for the bygone era. As you wander through these narrow streets, sellers warmly share the stories behind their cherished possessions, making your visit a personal journey and fostering a sense of connection with the past.


Although Wakad is more recognized for its modern developments, it also has a growing vintage furniture market. Some shops have been established for a long time and have been open for a short time, offering exceptional collections of second-hand goodies. Are you hunting for mid-century modern pieces or something retro-inspired? Wakad can give you something that fits your tastes.