5 Homegrown Labels Redefining The Printed Aesthetic On Our Radar This Summer

We see bold prints and colours coming back into the picture, brands embracing the outdoors, and soothing patterns promoting relaxation, catering to the growing self-care movement.
We see bold prints and colours coming back into the picture, brands embracing the outdoors, and soothing patterns promoting relaxation, catering to the growing self-care movement.L: Zero Tolerance R: Day & Age

Move over, traditional menswear. Summer of 2024 is all about embracing conscious practices and injecting personality into your wardrobe. The world of menswear is transforming, with regenerative circularity and statement pieces at its core. Bold prints and vibrant colours are making a resurgence. These lively designs and colour schemes are revitalising essential wardrobe items and injecting a fresh spin into preppy fashion. Trends such as cottage core have progressed, featuring refined chintz florals that express affection for the natural world. Brands are embracing nature-inspired motifs and calming patterns that encourage relaxation, aligning with the growing self-care trend.

So, here's a rundown of homegrown brands focusing on standout menswear pieces for the upcoming summer season.


PRXHXR, a fashion brand that emerged in 2020, resonates with a youthful and relaxed global audience. Their speciality lies in crafting exclusive prints, ranging from animal and garden motifs to tributes to Satyajit Ray's masterpieces. However, their brand philosophy extends beyond aesthetics. They strive to create clothing that is not only vibrant and youthful but also practical for everyday wear, ensuring that style doesn't compromise comfort. The brand prioritises local production lines to reduce carbon emissions and water usage, ensuring a sustainable approach to manufacturing.

Check out the label here.


RAFU'D, founded by Shaishavi Mehta, highlights narrative textiles that bridge the gap between India's rich heritage and contemporary fashion. The brand is committed to minimising its environmental footprint by using all-natural and biodegradable fabrics and recyclable packaging. Its vibrant and quirky collections challenge the misconception that sustainable fashion is dull and lacks colour. The brand celebrates the prints, colours, and captivating iconography rooted in Indian culture, seamlessly fused with contemporary pop culture. 

Check out the label here

Zero tolerance 

Zero Tolerances is a slow fashion label started by Prakhar Rao. With strong visuals and storytelling, the brand aims to represent South Asian history and heritage in street culture. Its garments exude elegance and finesse, blending traditional craftsmanship with a contemporary style. Each shirt undergoes a meticulous process, crafted by skilled artisans, making it a true piece of wearable art. The brand invests in traditional block printing, hand painting, and embroidery, adding value and authenticity to its products.

Check out the label here.

Aaram Viram

Aaram Viram believes that fashion and comfort are not mutually exclusive. The brand wishes to create slow-fashion wardrobe pieces and promote fair trade practices using crafted Indian textiles. Its clothing incorporates edgy silhouettes in natural fabrics like cotton, mulmul and linen, using traditional surface development techniques and hand embroidery, making Indian textile heritage more accessible to a wider audience. The brand aims to create timeless designs with subtle and neutral hues, making them a great addition to your summer wardrobe.

Check out the label here.

Day & Age 

Founded by Shreya Parasrampuria and Sharan Adka, Day & Age creates garments that are a bit slower and a bit more thoughtful, stitching what came before with what is yet to come. Born from the collaboration between 'twin spheres of graphic and textile design,' Day & Age explores different fabrics and plays with varying materials, mediums and design. Using colour blocking and combining various textiles, their pieces make a statement while letting the customers know about the handmade nature of each piece through subtle imperfections.

Check out the label here

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