HUEMN's Latest Campaign Pays Homage To India's Cultural Diversity

HUEMN's Latest Campaign Pays Homage To India's Cultural Diversity

HUEMN is known for its relevant spin on contemporary streetwear laced with a social, political and cultural context that resonates with the current times we live in while facilitating conversations and accelerating dialogues about important subjects in our communities.

As a homegrown brand committed to keeping the Indian imprint alive, they’ve just released a limited edition product that is a part of the brand’s first campaign for this year. Marking a landmark 73rd Republic day with a concept product celebrating the individuality and diversity of our communities; the brand’s theme revives the essence of India’s cultural potpourri.

This limited edition launch is a concept T-shirt in the signature Huemn unisex, oversized shape. The t-shirt features unique hand-drawn portrait sketches and stands out with a limited edition logo designed with 5 diverse skin colours.

With a photo-story style format, the Diversity campaign, has been shot with a distinct and varied cast featuring people from all across the country. This campaign is certainly worth keeping an eye out for!

Check out the campaign here.

“While it is coincidental that it launched around Republic day, the larger fact was to reflect on the fact how diverse our choices, opinions and backgrounds tend to be. However, finding the beauty in this diversity made sense in the context of Republic day as well.

With the social fabric being fragile as it is for the past few years, we consider it more than important for brands and artists to step up and create thoughtful impact that aims at accurate representation. Our Diversity campaign was all about creating vivid visuals that feel larger than life and resonate with people. The campaign that kicked off in Bombay is now set in motion to expand across other cities. We consider this only the beginning of a bigger vision.

Reconnecting with our initial idea to connect with my purpose as a designer, to create a fine balance between selling an idea and doing justice to original concepts without any barriers has been the inspiration behind it all.

We’re euphoric with the response as we see people pick up the concept and create it as their own. Every time you wear a HUEMN piece, it leaves an impact that is amplified by the little details ranging from our diverse skin coloured logo or the intricate hand-drawn portrait sketches, Diversity is an ingrained part of us and we celebrate it today and every day!

— Pranav Misra, Co-Founder and CEO, HUEMN

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