IDAAYA's Craft Rum Aims To Bottle The Emotional & Spiritual Essence Of The Himalayas

Image of bottles of Idaaya Rum that is crafted from Himalayan Spring Water
IDAAYA Spirits

There are many things about a trip to the Himalayas that could potentially stay with a person. But for me, one of the long-lasting memories is of how the leader of our travel group told us before we even got to our destination that ‘Rum Nights in the Hills’ are something to cherish. Sitting around a bonfire with fellow travellers who’d been strangers a few hours ago, sipping rum and sharing stories of the paths that have led us all to the mountains - I knew this was a fleeting moment that I should make the most of.

It is for these moments that so many of us travel - to seek experiences and stories that are unlike our own, and to find comfort and solace in how life’s biggest problems seem much smaller when you’re up in the mountains overwhelmed by the natural, never-waning beauty of the Himalayas. If I could have bottled up the emotions that I felt during my trip to Himachal, I would perhaps have put it in a bottle of rum. But this feeling is something that anyone who has visited the Himalayas would echo back.

Image of bottles of Idaaya Rum that is crafted from Himalayan Spring Water
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IDAAYA, a newly launched sipping rum is one that is capturing exactly these emotions in spirit. While Old Monk is an undeniable classic that people will keep going back to for their Pahadi sojourns, IDAAYA spirits have created their signature - a well-aged, premium rum that promises to evoke that same feeling of being in the hills with every sip.

In talking about the creation of their signature rum, the Founder and Chief Everything Officer of IDAAYA Spirits, Karishma Manga Bedi mentioned, “IDAAYA strives to capture the essence of discovering a moment of reflection and the spirit of exploration in every bottle. We aim to offer our customers more than just a premium rum; we provide a unique experience that takes them through a doorway of limitless discovery with each sip. By prioritising quality, authenticity, and innovation, we ensure that every bottle of IDAAYA represents our unwavering commitment to excellence in the spirits industry.”

Drawing from ancient Indian scriptures of 300 AD that mention the fermented sugarcane juice-based drink called Amlasidhu and the emotions associated with travelling to the Himalayas, IDAAYA is providing a fresh, homegrown and elevated take on the beloved rum. The authentic techniques of rum-making from the Arthashastra and the Solera system have influenced the creation of this drink. 

But how they managed to capture the feeling of a place in a bottle of rum is something that I couldn’t help thinking about. But the answer lies in the components and techniques that go into crafting this drink. Using location-specific resources like Himalayan spring water and techniques like blending pure Indian rum and 12-year-old rum in sal wood casks, all contribute to its unique identity and flavour notes. According to the brand, the result is “a smooth, well-rounded rum that, at first sip, reveals notes of caramel, dark chocolate, jaggery and tropical fruits. Slowly unravelling complex hints of dried fruits, allspice, and toasted vanilla and oak.”

Whether you are a rum aficionado, someone who holds their Himalayan travel experience close to heart, or both, the IDAAYA Rum is a great new drink in the ever-growing, Indian Alco-bev market that is worth your time. While it is currently only available in duty-free shops in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, IDAAYA Rum is set to be available across premium restaurants and bars soon. 

A drink that asks one to take a moment to slow down, pause and relish slowly, perhaps over ice or with burnt orange, IDAAYA was created to offer 'a memorable drinking experience amidst the chaos of everyday life.’

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