'Idylll' Is Aiming To Curate A Sensorial Dining Experience Embedded In Indian Tradition

Interior of Idylll Bangalore with terracotta and other details. Cocktai from Idylll with a side of raw mango slices with chilli

Bangalore’s teeming Indiranagar neighbourhood has no dearth of restaurants and bars. But it is also a locale where the people are looking for the latest addition to the fold, provided they are fresh in their approach. Idylll is a newly launched restaurant that offers craft cocktails and intentionally curated dishes that draw deeply from traditional Indian dishes that is bringing a unique experience to the locale. They seek to provide more than drinks and meals, and rather, take one on a sensorial journey - from the beautifully designed space to the carefully picked out table settings to the last whimsical garnishes on dishes and drinks that transcends the ordinary, offering a sensory experience that celebrates both Indian heritage and culinary artistry in one-go.

At the heart of Idylll restaurant lies an overarching theory on culinary philosophy crafted by the founding team. It embraces the essence of what it means to be Indian gourmand - an immersive dining experience that engages all five senses. The journey of dining at Idylll begins with the earthy aromas that greet you at the door and extends to the intricately designed dishes presented in beautifully handcrafted plates that reflect a deep-rooted appreciation for traditional Indian flavours and modern culinary techniques.

The restaurant’s logo, featuring five concentric circles reminiscent of tree rings, symbolises Idylll’s commitment to honouring tradition while embracing innovation. Each circle represents a stage in the culinary journey, from raw, unpolished, family recipes that have been transformed to offer a layered dining experience. ‘The Idylll Theory’ runs through the varying aspects of the restaurant, taking a slow, sensorial approach, where time and patience are also key ingredients in the creation of a beautiful dining experience, much like the slow ageing process of a fine tree trunk that their logo is inspired from.

Designed by The Purple Ink Studio, Idylll’s interiors pay homage to the architectural splendour of Jaipur. The space reflects the vibrant colour palettes and intricate details of Jaipur and India's overall heritage and visual identity. The dining area spans two levels, with the lower level dedicated to fine dining. Here, terracotta hue-d walls create an intimate atmosphere, setting up for the artistry of the cuisine to take centre stage. Wall frescoes and curated art pieces further enhance the experience, offering a visual journey into India’s cultural narrative. On the first floor, the cocktail room features an open circular island bar as the epicentre of mixology magic. The bar’s design, featuring soft textured and warm hues, creates an inviting atmosphere. Regional Indian ingredients are used in a myriad of ways in their craft cocktails, offering novel flavours that complement the overall dining experience. The interplay of marble, stone, wood, and terracotta adds to the tactile richness, making every sip and bite a memorable event.

A standout feature of Idylll’s menu is its focus on fermentation, which is a befittingly age-old culinary technique that is slowly re-entering the contemporary culinary settings. The chefs at Idylll have masterfully incorporated this process into their dishes, offering everything from handcrafted pickles to complex kombuchas. This focus on gut-friendly foods not only honors traditional Indian practices but also caters to modern health-conscious diners. The menu promises to be almost a culinary tour of India, featuring dishes from Rajasthan, Kashmir, Lucknow, Orissa, and Maharashtra. These dishes are meticulously crafted to offer a taste of the region’s unique flavours and culinary traditions, but elevated for the modern epicurean. Complementing the food are the signature cocktails, each designed to elevate the dining experience and engage the senses.

Interior of Idylll Bangalore with terracotta and other details. Cocktai from Idylll with a side of raw mango slices with chilli
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The people behind Idylll - Jai Sharma and Namokar Jain hope to emphasise the importance of fermentation and nostalgia, aiming to create a space that reconnects diners with the raw essence of nature. Namokar Jain is bringing his successful track record from Jaipur to Bangalore with this project. After his renowned restaurant Diona Jaipur, Idylll is an avenue for him to realise a vision of catering to the adventurous palate of Bangaloreans, and is a chance to introduce new ingredients, culinary experiences and experimentations to a new audience. In the many stunningly beautiful corners of Idylll, from its architectural elements to its carefully curated menu, there is an inspiration drawn from India’s rich cultural and culinary heritage. The restaurant’s earthy tones and rustic textures blend tradition with modernity, creating a soothing ambience that enhances the dining experience.

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