The Bombay Canteen's ‘Ode To Home’ Is Bringing Us A Unique South Indian-Korean Fusion

The Bombay Canteen's ‘Ode To Home’ Is Bringing Us A Unique South Indian-Korean Fusion
The Bombay Canteen

We know food is more than sustenance. It has become a language that speaks volumes about culture, tradition, and heritage. The Bombay Canteen's new series, "Ode To Home," takes this concept to a whole new level, offering a culinary adventure that breaks borders and ignites a deeper appreciation for our roots. Here's why this event is a must-attend for anyone seeking an unforgettable gastronomic and cultural experience.

The first edition features Tambi, a Singaporean restaurant renowned for its innovative Southern Indian-Korean cuisine. This unique amalgamation bridges continents, presenting a myriad of flavors that is both familiar and exciting. Imagine the spices of South India dancing with the bold and umami notes of Korea on your plate. Dishes like Japchae Kimmari with a Ganjang dip or the Beef Tartare Appalam promise an explosion of textures and tastes, due to the creativity of Michelin-starred chefs Mano Thevar and Sun Kim.

'Ode To Home' goes on a journey through the chefs' personal stories and heritage. Every bite becomes a window into their cultural influences. The Butternut Squash Bulgogi Roti, for instance, exemplifies the perfect harmony between Korean flair and Indian comfort food. Similarly, the reinvented street food classic, Tambi's Maggie Goreng, with its wild mushrooms and grandma's secret sauce, speaks volumes about the chefs' connection to their culinary past.

In today's globalized world, appreciating diversity is more important than ever. 'Ode To Home' champions this notion by showcasing the beauty of cultural fusion. It highlights how traditions from different parts of the world can come together to create something entirely new and captivating. By stepping outside our culinary comfort zones, we gain a deeper understanding of other cultures and foster a sense of global citizenship. 

'Ode To Home' menu is created to tantalise from small plates like the Eggplant with Tomato Kimchi Munchin to hearty mains like the Whole Red Snapper with spiced yogurt and Doenjang butter, each dish is a testament to culinary artistry. Delightful desserts like the Mango Lassi Bingsu will be a refreshing finale to your cultural and flavourful adventure.

The Bombay Canteen's ambiance provides the perfect setting for a memorable evening. The thoughtfully curated cocktail menu, featuring unique concoctions like the Perilla Highball and the Kimchi Picante, further complements the culinary journey.

'Ode To Home' is a dining series celebrating our heritage and explore the richness of other cultures. Here, more than anywhere else is an oppurtunity to embrace diversity and forge connections through the universal language of food.

At the Bombay Canteen, exclusively on the 8th and 9th of June. Click here to book.