Immerse Yourself In An Intensive 5-Day Bamboo Design Residency Workshop In Kerala

Pictures from the bamboo design residency workshop.
This rare workshop presents an opportunity for participants to delve into the world of bamboo design under the guidance of renowned expert and master craftsman Rajeev Wind.Greenara

Greenara's journey is extraordinary tale of environmental restoration. Founded in 2016 by Musthafa P A, this initiative has transformed a degraded plot of mining land into a thriving green paradise. Greenara's dedication to sustainability extends far beyond land reclamation and this is abundantly evident in their exciting new bamboo product design workshop. 

This rare workshop presents an opportunity for participants to delve into the world of bamboo design under the guidance of renowned expert and master craftsman Rajeev Wind. Over five immersive days, participants start on a creative journey where they'll learn the entire process of design; from conception to execution.  

The workshop leader, Rajeev Wind, brings a wealth of experience to the table. With a career spanning 19 years, he is a master craftsman, designer, and consultant who has breathed life into bamboo through his brand, Wind Craft.

The residency workshop goes above mere theory, offering a hands-on experience that equips participants with practical skills. Through a series of engaging activities, attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of bamboo as a design material. They'll learn about treatment methods, explore various tools and techniques, and delve into the intricacies of bamboo joinery. This knowledge empowers participants to translate their design ideas into stunning, functional bamboo products.

While participants will gain a thorough understanding of bamboo as a design material by exploring its characteristics, treatment methods, and suitable tools, the workshop will also delve into the design process itself. Attendees will learn about categorised product design and its creation, followed by a deep dive into self-design, where they'll translate their own creative vision into a product concept. This culminates in a completion phase with group discussions and expert feedback, ensuring each participant refines their design before bringing it to life.

Recognising the value of a holistic learning environment, the workshop incorporates a farm stay experience, allowing participants to fully immerse themselves in the natural beauty of Greenara. Evenings are filled with cultural immersion through music nights, local cuisine, and film screenings. For those seeking further connection with nature, there are opportunities for tropical walks and refreshing swims in natural ponds. These enriching experiences add another dimension to the workshop, fostering a sense of community and creating lasting memories. This idyllic setting fosters an environment conducive to creative exploration. The residential format of the workshop also further enhances the experience, allowing participants to fully engage with the material, the instructor, and fellow design enthusiasts.  

With its emphasis on sustainability and responsible design practices, the workshop is not just about creating beautiful objects; it's about empowering participants to contribute to a more eco-conscious future.    Join Greenara and Rajeev Wind for an experience where you'll not only learn the art of bamboo design but also become a part of Greenara's ongoing mission for a sustainable future.

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