Indian Innerwear Brand XYXX's Bamboo-made Apollo Collection Offers Cool Sustainable Comfort

L: Horse Remedy; R: XYXX
L: Horse Remedy; R: XYXX

There is a new wind blowing our way and it is calling on environmental sustainability that implores us to question how much of our daily lives are filled with things that are ecologically and environmentally unfriendly to the cause of sustainability.

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing and most prolific of natural resources. From an ecological basis, bamboo is better because it requires no chemicals to grow it. One also does not require massive volumes of water to produce bamboo crops.

A world that is looking to live intentionally and make conscious choices has lately rediscovered bamboo as its ultimate star, especially as it checks all the boxes on our wishlist — sustainability, flexibility, versatility, and overall universal appeal. 2020 is truly the year of redefinition and if there’s one message that it has had for us, it’s that we need to choose mindfully all that we produce and invest in.

As the option of choosing sustainability and comfort extends to everything and everyone, the most recent product to go sustainable yet chic is innerwear for men. And who else could be credited for this innovative change but India’s premium men’s innerwear and comfort-wear brand that has long been known for fulfilling the long-standing innovation gap in the market – XYXX.

Between Big Bucks & Boredom

Made of pro-planet Bamboo Cotton fabric, XYXX’s ‘Apollo Collection’ is the latest in XYXX’s exemplary series of chic yet sustainable and ultra-comfortable innerwear for men. Founder of XYXX, Yogesh Kabra says, “Innovation is in our DNA. When we started XYXX 3 years ago, we introduced consumers to micro-modal in innerwear and now, introducing Bamboo, which blends in the fabric, is the extension of the legacy we are building. Our aim is to democratise fabric innovation, design and style, especially when it comes to essentials. Comfort and style should not come at a pinching price. This is what drives us to make sure our offering is extremely affordable and accessible to all.”

When Yogesh returned to India after his stint abroad, he was rather baffled to find that the Indian consumer had no options when it came to fabric – choices were limited to unaffordable large fashion brands or traditional brands that had not changed their catalogue offering in years. The drab, boring options aside, even functionality and fit were a major problem making the category ripe for disruption.

2015 was when there was a boom in the e-commerce industry. As niche verticals like women’s lingerie boomed, one was left wondering why the same excitement was not extended to men’s innerwear.

Yogesh adds, “XYXX was born from the belief that we could make superior, well-crafted basics worth wearing for men. From our fabrics to our design process, we started from scratch, obsessing over every single detail and making sure we were offering myriad styles so the consumer was spoilt for choice. The result: a portfolio of underwear, T-shirts, boxers, pyjamas and vests, all made with an unparalleled fit and fabrics unlike any other.”

The Apollo Collection By XYXX

Beyond The Basics

XYXX resolved that men’s innerwear would go beyond mere functionality and that they would change the way the world perceived men’s basics by adding just the right amount of innovation, sophistication and personality to all-natural fabrics.

The latest addition to XYXX’s repertoire of premium men’s underwear is ‘Apollo’ which is made of pro-planet Bamboo Cotton fabric. Apollo is made for fitness-conscious men who are constantly on the move. It is designed to keep men comfortable in all their sweaty pursuits as they stand up to the demands of the city, the gym and everywhere in between.

Apollo is an innovation powerhouse with XYXX’s proprietary Intelli-fresh technology which eliminates odour producing bacteria enabling the underwear to complement active lifestyles ensuring fresh, chemical-free, round-the-clock hygiene. The moisture-wicking fabric blend made from breathable bamboo pulls sweat away from the body keeping you dry where it really matters. Bamboo Cotton is a smooth, lightweight fabric blend that is highly moisture-absorbent and cooling. It is also naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal, and hypo-allergenic. The buttery smoothness of the underwear against the skin defines love-at-first-touch. Naturally thermo-regulating, Apollo keeps you cool in scorching summers and snug in cold winters.

To say consumer lifestyles and apparel technology are both fast-evolving is an understatement but with Apollo, XYXX once again shows it has it’s finger firmly on the pulse of both the consumer and the industry.

The true mark of a forward-thinking brand is that it is making bold strides towards modernising the most essential yet all-important bastion of men’s basics and XYXX does that successfully with Apollo.

The Apollo Collection is available in 3 categories — briefs, trunks, and vest in the range of bamboo cotton, available in all sizes.

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