Indian Vinyl: 4 Homegrown Record Stores Fueling An Analog Resurgence

Record stores serve as cultural ambassadors on a mission to revive the appreciation for music in its purest and most genuine form.
Record stores serve as cultural ambassadors on a mission to revive the appreciation for music in its purest and most genuine form. L: The Revolver Club, R: Pagal Records Store

In India, records have not become objects of great desire and demand.  However, no one can deny the inherent romanticisation and vintage feel that comes with a record player and vinyl. There's something about these significant vintage cultural artifacts making a comeback that speaks to what we are desperately trying to grasp—to establish a connection between humanity and vast, intangible natural phenomena. It's strangely intimate and inherently romantic.

Despite the demand or, for that matter, a substantial supply of records in India, it exudes a certain, exclusive coolness to own these players. Perhaps because, music, an integral part of human existence, has been reduced to a matter of convenience. Albums that were once meticulously put together and recorded are now distilled into favourite tracks heard through headphones and miniature speakers, producing a sound that easily tires the listener. 

In the past decade, there's been a resurgence in vinyl records. Both older generations and new enthusiasts are drawn to the authentic, warm sound of analog. Vinyl offers music that's closer to the live experience, with a lossless format and superior dynamics compared to CDs or digital formats. 

The Revolver Club, Mumbai

The Revolver Club perfectly describes the importance of records with their introductory line: "Only a few decades ago, Records were culturally synonymous with music. The 12” by 12” album art grew into its own and became an extension of the music itself. Records looked the part and sounded just right. All was well with the world." 

They believe the digital world was not without its flaws. Increasingly, people seek the authentic, full sound of analog. IRC has actively connected with music lovers, guiding them to discover the exhilaration of records, turntables, and high-quality stereo systems. IRC offers a curated collection of records spanning various genres, complemented by a selection of carefully crafted stereos designed to cater to every budget, ensuring a authentic listening experience.

India Record Company, Bangalore

The India Record Company (IRC) has a steadfast motto: to forge a deeper connection to music for all. They stock an array of Hindi vinyl LP records, ranging from old Bollywood classics to Indian classical, ghazal, and devotional music. IRC celebrates the culture, history, and artistry of great albums. They take pride in the journey a record undergoes, from the artist's creation to the pressing plant, record stores, and finally into the hands of enthusiasts. Their range of custom furniture and record storage caters to Indian homes, ensuring that collectors can expand their collections without storage concerns.

Pagal Records Store, Delhi

There's a certain pleasure in browsing through a store, whether for books or vinyl records. In India, this experience is limited, with Pagal Records Stores leading the charge. Located in Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi, Pagal Records is an independent record store built on the concept of DIY. They offer hundreds of new and restocked records each week, spanning genres from punk to classic, techno to reggae, and Indian classics to Bollywood. Beyond records, the store boasts posters, vintage gadgets, audio cassettes, record players, books, and graphic novels. Pagal Records is a creative space for musicians, DJs, and collectors alike, introducing people to the world of vinyl music.

Kala Ghoda Records, Delhi

Another record store which makes a good perusing experience is Kala Ghoda Records, based in New Delhi which offers an extensive selection of high-quality vintage and contemporary vinyl records spanning various music genres.

The store also boasts an impressive collection of vintage cassettes, CDs, and posters. Kala Ghoda Records is a passion project where Deepak's contagious enthusiasm for music and LPs is very visible. His inventory includes timeless classics like CSNY, Sinatra, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Neil Young, Talking Heads, Depeche Mode, and nearly 5000 other records to choose from.

Record stores serve as cultural ambassadors on a mission to revive the appreciation for music in its purest and most genuine form.
Vintage Kolkata Vinyl Record Stores Offering Diverse And Rare Music Collections

What unites all these record stores in India is their unwavering belief  and commitment to the music revolution, and are relentlessly working to bring music back into people's lives with the essence of records, turntables, and quality stereos. These record stores are not merely places to buy music; they serve as cultural ambassadors on a mission to revive the appreciation for music in its purest and most genuine form. 

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