Making Thrift Available To All: 8 Instagram Thrift Stores For A Size-Inclusive Haul

Making Thrift Available To All: 8 Instagram Thrift Stores For A Size-Inclusive Haul
(L) Ipzaki ; Luu Liu (R)

For a minute, let’s imagine a time and space where every garment you ever loved and had the utmost will to buy was unavailable, solely because it didn’t exist in your size, and your size only.

Some of us may have trouble imagining so because it seems like a far reach to not have Small and Medium sizes available. However, many face this problem regularly. The unavailability of these options brings to fore the idea of ‘Plus Size’, a term that refers to clothing of larger sizes. At what point do garments become ‘plus’ and not simply of the next size? Even if the answer to this is determined, who gets to set these standards in the first place? One loophole leads to another, until we realise that such sizing does more to exclude a large part of the population, rather than include it.

With the rapid growth and increasing popularity of online thrift stores on Instagram during the COVID-19 lockdown, our shopping woes were done away with, but a certain group of people were yet to be acknowledged. A majority of thrift stores seemed to be unable to provide larger sizes. And so, the people who wear anything past a standard Medium and wished to give up fast fashion, simply couldn’t.

In an attempt to highlight those making an active effort to make relatively larger sizes of thrifted and pre-loved garments accessible to those who wish to be fashionable and sustainable in their ways, but are hindered from doing so (solely due to their size), we have put together a list of Instagram thrift stores that are size-inclusive.

The list as such is not exhaustive (or so we hope), and is presented for those consumers who essentially feel left out and not catered to. If fashion is meant for all, and so is sustainable living, then why should the insignificant aspect of size deny anyone slow fashion?

I. All You Need Is Pre-Loved

A quick glance over their Instagram feed will tell you just how inclusive the owners of this page are. It is easy to come to the conclusion that they truly care for catering to larger sizes, as explained in their ‘Let’s Talk Sizes!’ video, too. They discuss topics like charging extra for plus-size clothing and the basic issue of labelling something as a larger size when it truly is not, and provide potential solutions for the same. They clarify, “Thrifting isn’t something that should exclude a large part of the population, but it inevitably does.” The store not only puts out great options for denim but also throws Indian ethnic wear, accessories, and books into the mix.

Check out their page here.

II. Ipzaki

In October, Ipzaki had released a collection called ‘Curvy’ that contained thrifted pieces of larger sizes to accommodate more customers. With the collection, they mentioned their stance on the beauty standards — “Beauty doesn’t need to be defined nor confined within preconceived and often biased notions.” Their latest collection of sweaters and cardigans included many options for larger sizes, without compromising on the quality and look of the clothes.

Find Ipzaki here.

III. Lust Thrift

With a tremendously stylish and fashionable collection of pants, denim, shirts, tops, outerwear and winterwear, Lust Thrift remains a top pick for size-inclusivity. Their collections include versatile outfits capable of flattering various body types. Most of their pants, jeans, and skirts go past the 28-inch mark, making looking for well-fitting bottoms a more pleasant experience. Providing you with an all-around impressive selection and options to choose from, the only downside would be that they sell out oh-so-quickly!

Check out their page here.

IV. Luu Liu

If you are a corset fanatic and seem to find none in any size past a 34, Luu Liu is your place to be. Different sizes of wonderful corsets are modelled on people of different sizes to give a true representation of what it looks like, and whom it may fit. Their designs range from basic to patterned to impeccably detailed and accessorised corsets. Size- inclusivity gives Luu Liu major points, but so does their jaw-dropping curation of corsets. In the past, they have also curated various sizes of dresses and coats.

You can find them here.

V. The Junk Box

Vintage shirts available in sizes past Large? Count us in! The Junk Box stocks striking vintage wear that are available in a range of sizes. These contain patterned, sheer, and of different sleeve lengths. The store definitely takes the crown for the widest size range specifically for vintage shirts. You may even find accessories, sweaters and dresses at times. Making authentic vintage fashion accessible to most consumers, The Junk Box does a fabulous job at curating the best picks.

Check out their curations here.

VI. The Sustainable Curator

Giving us a strong vintage vibe through their Instagram feed, this thrift store caters to your vintage shirt needs that go past a bust of 40 inches. A vintage shirt and dress lover’s paradise, The Sustainable Curators puts out collections that are unique and of typical vintage style. If you follow them closely, you might even be able to get your hands on denim, skirts, and accessories.

Find The Sustainable Curator here.

VII. Thrift & Tonic

Typically serving in the M-XL range, Thrift & Tonic’s collection includes anything from dresses to denim, and shorts to tank tops. The garments can be used for both daily and occasional wear and seem to be away from the more glamorous collections — perfect to spend entire days in, without compromising on comfort.

We also appreciate the personified description of each item, as a way to get a better feel of what we’ll be purchasing — done in the most imaginative and adorable manner.

Check them out here.

VIII. Thriftin’ With Blondie

For size-inclusive t-shirts that range from subtle and basic to quirky and graphic, check out their store’s ‘Tee Tease’ highlight. Not only do these t-shirts look highly comfortable, but they are also of good quality and in great condition. Their collection contains tees that may be difficult to get your hands on otherwise, giving you all the more motivation to visit their page right away!

Find them here.

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