Mizoram Government Encourages Employees To Voluntarily Wear Traditional Clothes

Mizoram Government Encourages Employees To Voluntarily Wear Traditional Clothes
Hindustan Times

India is a vast melting pot of varied cultures. Our rich history is filled with diverse traditions and identities – from the cuisine we consume to the languages we speak. With changing times, we’ve often adopted global culture, sometimes at the cost of forgetting our own. This is why it’s always nice to see Indians go back to their roots.

The Mizo National Front government in Mizoram recently issued a government circular encouraging employees to voluntarily wear traditional clothes at least once a week. Issued by the secretary and commissioner, P. Biaktluanga and approved by Chief Minister Zoramthanga, the circular reads – “The conservation and protection of cultures, traditions and customs of a society depend much on how they are embraced and nurtured in the contemporary society.”

While similar move was made by in Assam government two years ago, it was poorly received. However, the Mizoram government employees warmly received it and even attended their offices in traditional wear in the next few days.

The circular also mentions, “Tradition, being a critical element of culture, helps in forming the structure and foundation of families and society. It helps to showcase the principles of a society, celebrate its diversity and unite as an ethnic group of people. And in the promotion of traditions, values and cultures, valuable information is displayed about one’s ancestry. Cultures, traditions and customs play an important role for a civilization and in shaping the character of its citizens and society.”

This is definitely a great step to encourage people from across the country to further embrace their individual traditions and thus foster a deeper respect and appreciation for India’s rich heritage.

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