Mumbai, Attend A Visual Art Exhibition Aiming To Redefine Perception and Architecture

Eyes of the Skin
Eyes of the SkinJulien Segard and Rathin Barman

Embark on a captivating sensory journey at Experimenter Colaba’s upcoming exhibition, Eyes of the Skin, featuring the thought-provoking works of Julien Segard and Rathin Barman. Inspired by Juhani Pallasmaa's groundbreaking exploration of architecture and the senses, this two-person exhibition delves into the profound interplay between landscape, urban structures, and our perceptual experiences. Through a captivating ensemble of works on paper, paintings, and sculptures, Eyes of the Skin challenges the dominance of vision in our understanding of the built environment, inviting visitors to embrace a multi-sensory exploration that extends beyond the visual realm.

Visual artist Julien Segard (@julionsegard) was born in 1980 in Marseilles, France, and currently resides and works between Goa and Marseilles. A master of his craft, he uncovers the tension between urban structures and the fluid contours of nature, revealing the intimate connections between them. His artworks expose the paradoxes and blind spots within our perception of the urban landscape, with slivers of roads, underpasses, and flyovers acting as sentinels in the vast expanse of the metropolis. Segard's meticulous works on paper and paintings present captivating portraits of the city, offering glimpses into its hidden realms and evoking a sense of introspection amidst the urban wastelands.

L: Julien Segard R: A view from nowhere XII, 2022: A work by Julien
L: Julien Segard R: A view from nowhere XII, 2022: A work by JulienL: Verve Magazine R: Experimenter
Julien Segard, Dustlight, 2021
Julien Segard, Dustlight, 2021Experimenter

Rathin Barman (@rathinbarmanstudio), a multidisciplinary artist, was born in 1981 in Tripura, India, and is currently based in Kolkata, India. In a mesmerizing fusion of sculpture and drawing, he weaves anthropological narratives around decaying homes in North Kolkata. These structures, on the brink of oblivion, serve as vessels of memories, histories, and human connections. Barman's sculptural creations, using concrete, iron, and brass, capture the polycentric nature of these intertwined dwellings, reflecting the inseparable relationships between the city’s inhabitants and the rich tapestry of their shared experiences. Through his works, Barman delves into the realm beyond the visible, provoking contemplation on the profound layers of existence within the architecture itself.

L: Rathin Barman R: Transitory Spaces: Situation I (III), 2022- artwork by Rathin Barman
L: Rathin Barman R: Transitory Spaces: Situation I (III), 2022- artwork by Rathin BarmanL: 4A Centre For Contemporary Asian Art R: Experimenter
Rathin Barman: Defunct Architectural Spaces, 2018
Rathin Barman: Defunct Architectural Spaces, 2018India Art Fair

For both Segard and Barman, architecture transcends its visual representation and becomes an organic extension of the natural world within the constructed environment. Like a forest that engages all our senses, the built environment stimulates and envelops us with its multifaceted nature. Barman's exploration centers on the disembodying aspect of the built form, revealing the potential for renewal and transformation. On the other hand, Segard's transient and disruptive world offers fleeting glimpses into his intuitive interpretations of the surroundings, inviting viewers to playfully engage with chance and discover new perspectives on their own environment.

Embark on this remarkable artistic voyage where the boundaries between art and architecture blur, where sensory experiences converge, and where the unseen becomes tangible. Eyes of the Skin will leave you enchanted and inspired as you immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of sensations meticulously crafted by Julien Segard and Rathin Barman.

Poster for 'Eyes of the Skin'
Poster for 'Eyes of the Skin'Experimenter


Date: May 20 - July 15, 2023

Time: 5 – 9 pm (Opening preview)

Venue: Experimenter, Colaba in Mumbai

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