Mumbai, This Weekend Take A Heritage Walk Through Cuffe Parade's Architectural Legacy

Mumbai, This Weekend Take A Heritage Walk Through Cuffe Parade's Architectural Legacy
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To many, Cuffe Parade, a historic and prominent business district in Mumbai, India, is just a collection of gleaming skyscrapers. But beneath the surface of its contemporary facade is hidden a rich history, waiting to be discovered.

A new chance has arisen: discover this somewhat hidden side of the bylanes of Cuffe Parade, Colaba on a curated walk through the iconic locale. Led by architect and restorer Nikhil Mahashur and Gallery XXL, you'll unearth the architectural gems that have quietly witnessed the city's transformation.

Mahashur, with his keen eye for detail, will guide through the bylanes of Cuffe Parade and Colaba, revealing architectural secrets that often go unnoticed by the casual observer. You'll gain a deeper appreciation for the architectural styles that have shaped South Bombay, from the grandeur of the colonial era to the modern influences that define the cityscape today.

This walk is part of a special program designed to complement the opening of Gallery XXL's new exhibition, "Witness and Evidence: Deliberations on Ruins by Sajid Wajid Shaikh and Jofre Oliveras." The exhibition, opening on May 18, 2024, delves into the concept of ruins, both physical and metaphorical. The walk through Cuffe Parade serves as a prelude to the exhibition, inviting you to contemplate the remnants of the past that coexist with the present in the urban environment.

As you walk through the streets of Cuffe Parade, the lines between art and architecture begin to blur. The buildings themselves become works of art, their design and construction reflecting the social, cultural, and economic forces of their time. Mahashur's insights will help you see these structures not just as functional spaces but as expressions of human creativity and innovation.

This walk through Cuffe Parade is more than just a sightseeing expedition, it's a time-traveling adventure. As you explore the architectural heritage of the district, you'll be transported back to different eras, experiencing the city's evolution firsthand. The walk becomes a portal to the past, allowing you to appreciate the history and stories embedded within the very fabric of Mumbai.

The exhibition, overall at Gallery XXL, promises a exploration of ruins. The works of artists Sajid Wajid Shaikh and Jofre Oliveras will prompt you to consider the concept of ruins in a broader sense, encompassing not just physical decay but also the remnants of memories, cultures, and traditions. The exhibition is a great opportunity to learn more about their creative process and the inspiration behind their works.

The walk with Nikhil Mahashur and Gallery XXL takes place on Sunday, May 19, 2024.  For a nominal fee of ₹500, you'll gain exclusive access to hidden architectural gems and discover a deeper understanding of Mumbai's rich history.

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