Food, Ales, + Typographic Tales: Attend A Type Walk & Beer Tasting In Bandra

Typographic Tales & Beer
Typographic Tales & Beer Tanya George

In the vibrant streets of Bandra, typography weaves a silent narrative, adorning signs, boards, and ads that tell the tales of this bustling neighborhood. Dive into this typographic journey on an immersive walk with Bandra Born, led by the insightful Tanya George, an independent typographer, type designer, and design educator hailing from India.

From the energetic vibes of Hill Road to the historic alleys of Ranwar Village, Tanya George invites participants to unravel the stories behind eclectic signs and diverse letterforms that define Bandra's visual landscape. As a type designer, Tanya has a keen eye for the nuances of typography, making this walk not just a stroll through the streets but a journey into the art and stories embedded in each character.

But the adventure doesn't stop there. A special treat awaits participants – a beer-tasting session featuring Bandra Born's exclusive ‘Nimble Girl,’ crafted in collaboration with Great State Aleworks. This American Wheat Ale, inspired by the hit song from Hotel Eden, mirrors the spirit and essence of Bandra. Just like the streets and signs that Tanya explores, the label of ‘Nimble Girl’ draws inspiration from the neighbourhood's unique identity and flair.

Tanya, with her background in graphic design and a Masters in Typeface Design, is the perfect guide to delve into the typographic intricacies of Bandra. Through Type Walks and typography workshops, she brings her expertise to life, shedding light on the art of letterforms and their role in shaping the visual identity of a community.

Bandra Born, the brainchild of Chef Gresham Fernandes from Salt Water Cafe fame, serves as the canvas for this typographic and gustatory adventure. The space encapsulates everything beloved about Bandra – from its food to drinks, aesthetics to personality, all infused with the vibrant energy curated by Gresham and his team.

For those seeking a Saturday filled with culture, stories, and crafted brews, Tanya George's typographic tales with Bandra Born's ‘Nimble Girl’ promise an experience that transcends the ordinary. Get your tickets and be ready to immerse yourself in the art, stories, and flavours that define the heart of Bandra. 🍻

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