Delhi, Attend A Unique Event Of Music Confluences, Interactive Installations, Cocktails🍸 & More!

Delhi, Attend A Unique Event Of Music Confluences, Interactive Installations, Cocktails🍸 & More!

After massive launches in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bengaluru, Dewar's 'Stay Curious' is coming to New Delhi in October for its fourth edition at the STIR Gallery in Chattapur.

Dewar's ‘Stay Curious’ is a unique platform crafted to inspire a generation to redefine their curiosity and make room for uninhibited discoveries. From curious collaborations, unexpected confluences, and boundless co-creations, Stay Curious is a movement that will pique that unmistakable and insatiable curiosity. It's an immersive, multi-sensorial experience, where boundaries will cease to exist, and exploration will know no limits.

The Experiences

The Lab: Indulge in a mixology workshop to tantalize your senses.

The Gallery: Immerse in an audio-visual art experience to transport you to future realms.

The Showcase: A mix of contemporary and curious music x dance theatrical performances.

The Recitals: Live performances with next gen artists.

New Delhi Experiences


Rajkanwar Sodhi X Chie Nishikori

A musical experience by guitarist & producer Raj, known for blending jazz with electronic music fused with neo soul guitars while showcasing his solid Indian roots.

Packed with sounds that one would hear at dusk, this immersive musical experience is bound to transport the audience into another realm. The performance will also feature Japanese trumpet player Chie Nishikori.

The set will be a combination of lush chillhop lofi beats with atmospheric sounds, Indian elements such as sitar, flute etc. along with the introduction of live trumpets & guitars.


OVERTURE - by Aniruddh Mehta & Myles Periera

‘Overture’ is a new and previously unseen audio-visual piece by visual artist BigFat and creative technologist Myles . It was first showcased at Mumbai Light Festival's Satellite Edition in December 2022. The 14-minute piece combines a sci-fi abstraction of flashing lights, geometric forms, organic topologies & textures which come together to create a dynamic & ever-evolving visual landscape. It is accompanied by an original soundtrack that further adds depth and emotional resonance to the visuals.


KATRAN By Ekaya Banaras X Lalima

‘KATRAN’ is an aerial installation tapping into the beauty of textiles and showcasing them in a different form & scale. It pays homage to the heritage of Banarasi & silk handlooms by creating beauty from seemingly waste or discarded trimmings.


Bahaar Rohatgi

Art is nothing but an exchange of energy and collectively, we create an artwork which brings all the forces together. The leading conduit for this showcase is Bahaar Rohatgi, who will take a collective of strokes and motifs and ties them all together live on one giant canvas; creating an artwork that signifies it is forever evolving, one for all and all for one; where the journey is more important than the result. They will document the different stages of the canvas to show the evolution it goes through; mapping the energy at the event. 

Mixology with Dewar's Brand Ambassador at the Mumbai launch
Mixology with Dewar's Brand Ambassador at the Mumbai launch


Mixology With Dewar's Brand Ambassadors

Led by an expert mixologist and Dewars Brand Ambassador, this workshop is set to offer an engaging experience for cocktail enthusiasts, providing hands-on training and guidance in crafting exquisite and innovative drinks. Participants explore the art of mixology; learning techniques and experimenting with a variety of flavors to create unique and tantalizing beverages.

Event Details
City: Delhi
Date: Saturday, 21st October, 2023
Time: 7:00 PM Onwards
Venue: STIR Gallery

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