Now Dive Into The Blue World With India’s First Ever Underwater Museum

Now Dive Into The Blue World With India’s First Ever Underwater Museum

Puducherry or Pondicherry as we would call it has regularly offered its visitants with peculiar and exclusive experiences with its aura and treasures of activities and adventures. Taking a stroll through those tiny but charming lanes decorated with the blooming flowers of flamboyant shades, those beautifully carved and structured houses reminding us of the French influences, or the wisps of delicious food that bring water to your mouth, Puducherry has never failed to glee it’s explorers. And now, another gem has been added to its crown, India’s First Underwater Museum is all set to begin in Puducherry.

In association with National Institute of Oceanography and PondyCan (NGO), The Government of India has converted a decommissioned minesweeper, INS Cuddalore, into an underwater museum. It will work not only as a boost to the economy of the Union Territory but also as an enhancement of the ecosystem and sustainable development of the fishing industry.

A gift to us by the Navy, this 60 metre long and 12 metre wide structure will become one of the major sights for Scuba diving and snorkelling.

It is deployed at a distance of 7 kilometres from the coast of Puducherry at a depth of 26 metres. As planned, water buoys will be stationed in a radius of 3 metre around the 29 metre tall mast of the ship that will be jutting out of the water for the tourists to take a boat ride.

With its special technology, as soon as the ship sinks, algae and fungi will be seen growing on it to attract exotic marine animals and provide the tourists with an indelible exposure!

So when are you heading here?

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