Only Cold Brew Coffee: Chennai, Visit A Unique Cold Brew Speciality Coffee Bar

OCB stands as a testament to their passion for both coffee and the arts.
OCB stands as a testament to their passion for both coffee and the arts.Only Cold Brew Coffee

The art of serving good coffee while fostering a social environment to engage and learn about coffee often seems lost. However, amidst this setting, Coffee Brew emerges as a pioneering concept redefining Chennai's coffee scene. Meet Only Cold Brew Coffee (OCB), India's first speciality cold brew coffee bar located in the scenic Besant Nagar, overlooking the beach.

At the heart of Coffee Brew lies a commitment to serving exceptional cold brew coffee. Cold brew, a method involving steeping coffee grounds in cold water for an extended duration, yields a smoother, less acidic, and full-bodied coffee. OCB takes pride in its innovative approach, infusing flavors like honey and coconut into their cold brews, delivering an unparalleled coffee experience.

Founded by Sudarshan and Ukesh, often referred to as the 'coffee magicians', OCB stands as a testament to their passion for both coffee and the arts. Coming from backgrounds as professional dancers, creators, and artists, their vision extends beyond just brewing coffee. They aim to infuse creativity and artistry into every cup, breaking conventional norms to create something entirely new and unique.

The ambiance at OCB reflects a blend of history and culture. Inspired by the origins of cold brew coffee, which dates back to Dutch traders who steeped coffee in wooden barrels, the cafe's interiors pay homage to this rich history. Wooden tables, Japanese artistry, and low seating arrangements reminiscent of beachside relaxation all add to the cafe's inviting and serene atmosphere.

Their menu boasts a range of unique cold brew concoctions like Coco Tonic, Butterscotch Brew Bliss, and Chocolaty Heaven, each offering a distinctive and delightful experience. Alongside these beverages, the cafe serves delectable food items like loaded nachos, cheesy peri peri fries, and innovative sandwiches, ensuring a satisfying gastronomic adventure.

The cafe's customer-centric approach shines through in its thoughtful design, providing charging points for workaholics and an open kitchen allowing patrons to witness the brewing process transparently. OCB values its customers, evident from their loyalty program, inviting guests to sign up for exclusive benefits and offerings.

As part of their commitment to fostering a deeper connection with coffee culture, the cafe hosts an intriguing workshop titled "From Pour Over to the Secrets of South Indian Filter Kaapi x A Dash of Social Hour". This workshop promises an journey into the art of brewing coffee, exploring the intricacies behind crafting the perfect South Indian Filter Kaapi.

With their continuous efforts to evolve and revamp the menu, Coffee Brew promises a dynamic journey for both coffee aficionados and casual enthusiasts alike. OCB is infusing a fresh wave of creativity into the realm of coffee culture.

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