From Infused Coffee To Cordyceps: Alchemy Dose Is Tapping Into The Benefits of Mushrooms

Alchemy Dose is a brand that is content and education driven
Alchemy Dose is a brand that is content and education drivenAlchemy Dose

The shroom boom is a very real phenomenon that has been slowly taking over the wellness space. In a fast-paced world where stress and burnout seem the norm, many are returning to the ways of yore, and embracing holistic routines. From grow-your-own mushroom kits to enhanced coffees and matcha, the nutritional benefits of mushrooms are contributing to this continuing trend. 

Superfoods that support gut health have been a key area of interest in the wellness space and Alchemy Dose is a brand that is content and education driven. Even before the brand revealed its first product, they were already creating conversation around the functional benefits of mushrooms. 

Alchemy Dose, founded by Irvien Khurana, is a culmination of his varying interests. After having been diagnosed with Hepatitis B, which caused him to overhaul his entire lifestyle, he learned the power of discipline. He also discovered the benefits of functional mushrooms and while it is not a cure, he wanted to make its wellness benefits known to more people. 

The website states, “After stumbling across these incredible medicinal mushrooms, my curiosity sparked and I started exploring this area further. Ploughing through study after study revealed all that these mighty fungi have to offer – so naturally the next step was sourcing them.” After trying out many samples of functional mushrooms and finally zeroing in on a US brand that was reasonably potent, he started Alchemy Dose with a goal to assist one in thinking, creating and feeling their absolute best.

With the intention of providing education about their nutraceutical benefits, the brand uses high-quality fungi that are tested and packaged into easy-to-consume forms. This ranges from coffee and matcha to mushroom-specific extracts. They have even made it possible to pre-order whole Cordycep mushrooms (with extreme nutritional value and demand) through their website. Currently, they mainly offer products based around four mushrooms - Lion's Mane, Reishi, Chaga, and Cordyceps Militaris. Each of these mushrooms has specific nutritional composition and benefits that can help address and/or support aspects of mental and physical wellness. This ranges from using Lion’s mane for improving focus to including Chaga in your diet for improving immunity. 

Delving into the understanding that “humans have used the rejuvenating powers of fungus and plant sources to enhance mental and physical health for thousands of years, extending back to ancient civilizations.” Alchemy Dose hopes to resurrect that ancient philosophy and promote a healthy ritual using mushrooms. 

Beyond the tangible products, Alchemy Dose offers customers an experience that is nothing short of magical. The brand's commitment to self-care and mindfulness is evident in every aspect of its presence, from the beautifully designed packaging to the informative resources available on its website.

You can follow Alchemy Dose here.

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