Embrace The Soul-Soothing Habit Of Gratitude Journaling With These Homegrown Brands

Embrace gratitude journaling.
Embrace gratitude journaling.L: Brightside Journal R: Not Coy Journal

In a constantly wired world where most of us are chasing deadlines and burn out every other week, the idea that journaling might help you live better might sound absurd. But the act of paying gratitude — taking heed of the small wins that you had, even on the hardest day — is one that is increasingly being talked about. From positive psychology journals to wellness creators, gratitude journaling is something that is gaining popularity because there is tangible proof of its impact. Its rising popularity is becoming all-pervasive, with physicians studying its impact on those who are battling chronic ailments for pain management and building consistency with recuperative practices.

The science behind the practice is quite simple — paying gratitude causes the brain to release the happy hormones serotonin and dopamine, creating an overall sense of well-being and happiness wherever we are in life. While one could go at it pretty directly with a pen and any old notebook, there are gratitude journals that are available which try to educate people on its benefits and facilitate being in the right mindset. This is because it is simply not enough to make a list of all the good things of your day - you need to take the time to truly be present and savour the good moments, however fleeting it might have been. These journals seek to help people ruminate on the good times and letting it sink in. For those who are looking to get started with gratitude journaling, the following are some homegrown brands that have created well-designed journals with prompts that make you dig deep. 

Not Coy

Featuring six varied pastel covers to choose from, and constructed with high-quality hard binding, the Not Coy gratitude journal is as cute as it is functional. Featuring 6 months of undated daily sections and 10 gratitude challenges spread out through the journal, it gamefies one’s foray into the practice. The daily pages are divided into morning and evening sections that prompt one to begin and end their day with gratitude. It also features challenges and milestone markers that can help one stay motivated to build consistency with gratitude journaling. They also feature a list of prompts that can help free oneself, when they are feeling stuck or listless. 

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L: Not Coy Journal R: The Art Loom Journal
L: Not Coy Journal R: The Art Loom Journal

The Art Loom 

A popular brand for stationery and lifestyle supplies, The Art Loom recently launched its gratitude journal. The year undated journal focuses on gratitude and self-care, is available in 4 different cover designs, and has space for 365 days of journaling. The brand highlights the fact that the gratitude journal is designed with a science-backed approach and is broken down into prompts, affirmations, trackers and even inspiring quotes that can help harness a positive mindset and to take heed of the good things in life. The journal also features a guide that can help one make the most of it. The journal even comes with sticker sets and corresponding prompts to use them with, to make the experience even more joyful and immersive. 

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Brightside Journal

A brand that focuses solely on the practice of gratitude and self-care, Brightside Journal has almost become synonymous in the Indian wellness space with the act of gratitude journaling. The matte finish, fabric-bound journals from Brightside are as much a self-help book as it is a journal. Gently guiding one through the practice, the journals from Brightside are mindful and intentional in their approach, as they don’t offer too many prompts or accessories. Rather than overwhelming one with too many activities, they feature the right questions to ask yourself, while on the journey of self-development. The gratitude journal offers the space to do 365 days of journaling and is undated so that one can pick it up any time of the year. A special mention needs to be made for the newsletters from Brightside - they are just as intentional and well-written as the journal itself, and offer great insight and information for those who are on their mental health and wellness journey. 

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