Saree Not Sorry: This 'Saree Architect' Is Reimagining The Traditional Indian Garment

Saree Not Sorry: This 'Saree Architect' Is Reimagining The Traditional Indian Garment

The saree or sari has been a prestigious symbol of Indian dressing since the time of the Mahabharata to this age of digital fashion. From business meetings to first dates, political speeches to cultural events, the saree boasts of a versatile styling palette. Six yards of sheer elegance laced with ancestral traditions and empowered femininity, the joy of draping a saree never goes out of style.

Celebrating the power of the handloom and educating a global audience about the origins, diverse history and styling tips is Saree Architect Natasha Thasan, a saree blogger and expert drapist introducing us to a whole new saree vocabulary.

Whether you’re looking for some stellar ways to pair your saree, trying to hack the 1-minute drape or are a newbie in the six yards section, Natasha’s fun yet informational tutorials have you covered.

Natasha Thasan- Indian origin saree expert

Appreciating the saree’s identity from an indigenous lens as opposed to the watered-down colonized version, the bold beauty creates blouse-less drapes, reimagines the saree through different periods of history and also teaches you how to repair and repurpose a ripped drape.

The Toronto-based saree expert’s reels on the art of saree tying help establish a cultural reconnection for many while also proving to be an excellent introduction to the world of desi dressing etiquette for others.

In a bid to help amateurs and enthusiasts wrap their fingers around the art of saree tying, she conducts interactive classes online, which are aptly named ‘Drape Therapy’.

With easy hacks, alternative styles and refreshing reiterations of the saree in multiple ways, Natasha is keeping our love for the timeless wardrobe staple alive.

View her work here.

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