Sri Lanka's Luna Terrace Is Hosting A Tropical New Year's Eve Party Like No Other

Sri Lanka's Luna Terrace Is Hosting A Tropical New Year's Eve Party Like No Other
Luna Terrace

"And why this is the best party in Sri Lanka this new year"

Sri Lanka’s nascent music scene is flourishing with several artists ready for the global stage and a diverse audience thirsty for good music. The country is also blessed with a turquoise/ deep blue ocean, beautiful beaches speckled with coconut trees, thick jungles home to the world’s largest leopards, and waterfalls glistening with energy. Bringing these two experiences together an upcoming musical event set against the backdrop of a lush tropical island is set to take place on this new years eve. 

An infinity pool bar with a 180° view of the Indian Ocean and the mythical Rumassala Mountain, Luna Terrace is celebrating the 9th year of its existence. A colonial mansion will be transformed into a magical venue for the event with various experiences and areas of engagement. The space has always provided a platform for art, music and culture with an aim of creating an inspiring background the island’s soundscapes. 

These cultural exchanges were shared by local and international artists as listeners/dancers became the beating pulse of the Luna Terrace experience. Crafting a similar experience yet again, they are partnering with Tropical Wax, a celebration of vinyl culture, underground music, art and surfing on the beautiful island and beyond. The creators of Luna Terrace and Tropical Wax are curating an international line up, showcasing vinyl sets and ensuring the highest fidelity in sounds.

“Creating a cultural bridge between India and Sri Lanka has always been integral for Tropical Wax. The beautiful island of Sri Lanka has been through a lot, and especially at a time like this both nations can benefit greatly from cultural exchanges. Luna Terrace opens its doors for an epic NYE at the 1860 Closenberg, with a line up that embodies this spirit.”

Paloma and Emanuel

Additionally, Luna Terrace is also partnering with Locale, Sapore and Rasai, each bringing a unique element to the event. The magical seaside view will be complemented with Pan-Asian gala dinner by Locale, late night Srilankan food by Rasai and an exclusive liquor selection by Srilanka’s Rockland, including Colombo No.7 gin and Monkey Shoulder. 

For ticket reservations and inquiries guests can email or DM @tropicalwaxsrilanka on Instagram.

Artist Line Up:

1. Rafiki - India| Krunk

2. DJ Infrastructure - Sri Lanka | 925

3. Dipsoman - Nepal I Surge, Grasslands

4. DJ Honest - Nepal

5. Tom Haus - UK | Dawn State

6. Kevin Fernando - UK & SL | Soul Therapy Music

7. Paloma - India | Tropical Wax

8. MDJ- UK & SL | 925

9. Leandro - German & Italy I Luna Terrace

10. Emanuel - SL & CH I Tropical Wax, Luna Terrace

11. Sak'd - SL

12. DJ Gaali - SL

13. Cake Spinner - US & SL

14. Special Guest

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