Step Inside A Newly Inaugurated Haven for Art and Design Enthusiasts In Kochi

BerthThe Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Tucked away in the lanes of Mattancherry in the port city of Kochi, the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) proudly inaugurated the space called Berth recently. Located within the ICCI premises on Indian Chamber Road in Mattancherry, the immersive space is designed for art and design interactions that range from exhibits to workshops. With a legacy spanning 125+ years, ICCI has been a stalwart in promoting commerce and safeguarding the interests of the Indian business community.

As part of their 126-year celebration, Berth emerged from the confluence of diverse talents, fostering collaboration and forming a microcosm of the rich ethos that drives ICCI. This unique space and the community it hopes to foster, is set to liaise with international and leading agencies to curate a tapestry of Art Shows, Craft Exhibitions, Textile Fairs, Workshops, Seminars, Film screenings, and more such Cultural Events.

The inaugural event at Berth is the Aadyam Handwoven, an initiative by Aditya Birla. This collaboration is a celebration of tradition and innovation, showcasing handloom treasures from various weaving clusters across India and highlighting their legacy. The venture is driven with an intent to facilitate the fusion of international trends with rich traditional heritage. This harmonious blend allows the creation of captivating pieces that resonate globally while preserving the essence of crafts that are driven by generational knowledge.

Aadyam through their pop-up at Berth invites one to experience #heirloomsforthefuture featuring an array of home decor, home and living items, sarees, dupattas, stoles, and pocket squares from the weaving clusters of Bhuj, Varanasi, Kashmir, Bhadohi, Mirzapur, and Pochampally. Aadyam’s commitment to fusing contemporary design with time-honoured techniques has captured admiration from patrons worldwide and has its own standalone showrooms in multiple Tier 1 cities across India. 

During the inaugural event in December 2023, Manish Saksena, the Lead Advisor at Aadyam Handwoven, engaged with guests to share his insights into the intricate techniques and rich handloom heritage and how the collaborative effort of Aadyam with skilled artisans reflects their commitment to crafting exquisite products each season.

Aadyam Handwoven's exhibition which is still continuing at Berth is open on all days from 11 am to 7 pm and offers a unique opportunity to experience the magic of handwoven elegance. The pieces currently exhibited here are a celebration of art, design, and cultural heritage with deep homegrown identity - all the things that Berth was founded with the intent of promoting.

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