Surviving Sub-Zero: Why I Spent 4 Minutes In A Cryochamber This Week

Homegrown Cryotherapy
Homegrown Cryotherapy The Wellness Co.

An electric whole body cryochamber may sound like a medieval torture device, but it will, in fact, leave you feeling more alive than before.

In a quest to boost my immunity and speed up muscle recovery after some intense strength training, I decided to take the plunge and try out cryotherapy. Cryotherapy is extreme cold exposure, where you subject your entire body to sub-zero temperatures for a short duration in the name of athletic performance, inflammation reduction, better sleep, and even immune system support. Intrigued by these claims, I scoured the city for a wellness centre that offered a full body cryochamber. And that's when I stumbled upon The Wellness Co. — a haven of holistic well-being tucked away in New Delhi's Defence Colony. And so, my icy journey began.

The Whole Body Cryochamber
The Whole Body CryochamberThe Wellness Co.

The Benefits of Cryotherapy

If you've ever iced an injury, you already know the perks of cold exposure. Recent years have seen the increasing popularity of cold exposure using ice baths, championed by figures such as Wim Hof and Andrew Huberman. Athletes and health-nuts have jumped on the chilly bandwagon, because taking it to the extreme also means you get more out of it. Some, if not all, benefits include:

1.Reducing inflammation: When the body is exposed to cold temperatures, it triggers a response that reduces inflammation and swelling. This may help with chronic pain or mobility. 

2. Immune system: Cold temperatures activate the production of white blood cells, which are responsible for fighting off infections and diseases. This can help to improve overall health and reduce the risk of illness.

3. Muscle recovery: Since the cold temperatures help to reduce inflammation and increase blood flow, it can help to speed up muscle repair.

4. Improved Sleep Quality: Better sleep and a deeper state of relaxation is attributed to the release of feel-good hormones, or endorphins.

5. Stress Reduction: The extreme cold temperatures experienced during cryotherapy may activate the body’s stress responses and trigger a relaxation response afterward, also acting as a mood enhancer.

6. Increased Energy: Similar to a cold shower, the cold exposure can stimulate the release of adrenaline and other neurotransmitters, promoting a sense of heightened energy and mental alertness.

Cryogenic Chamber
Cryogenic ChamberThe Wellness Co.

 Braving The Cold

To kick things off, I had to strip down to my bare essentials and put on safety apparel like gloves, socks, a woollen cap and a face mask prior to entering the chamber. It was not exactly a chic look.

The first step was to acclimatise to the temperatures. The ‘warm’-up was 60 seconds in the secondary chamber which clocked in at a chilly -30 degrees celsius. My initial enthusiasm kept me fired up, especially with the unexpected 2010s Bollywood bangers playing inside the chamber. It was a confusing yet fun combination of freezing temperatures and catchy tunes.

After the initial minute passed, I had to enter the main cryochamber which was a whopping -110 degrees celsius, and this dry cold stung. This temperature felt like a thousand icy needles pricking my skin. Out of the 3 minutes I had to survive in here, the first half floated by, anchored by my adrenaline rush and head-bopping to tracks from the 2012 film ‘Cocktail’. However, the last 90 seconds were a test of my endurance. I had to power through with breathwork and reminded myself of all the benefits that would come of this sub-zero torture. It was a long 90 seconds, to say the least.

Finally, time was up, and I emerged victorious. The instant energy surge was undeniable. The cold slapped my face awake, melting away any remnants of sleep deprivation-induced brain fog. I felt like an invigorated warrior, battle-tested in the Arctic, ready to take on the day.


While I didn’t aim to reduce inflammation nor relieve myself of any chronic pain, I did sleep much better that night, and didn’t go through my usual ebbs and flows of fatigue despite the sweltering New Delhi heat. The cryotherapy also accelerated my muscle recovery; all soreness in my legs had vanished without a trace.

As an experience, cryotherapy sure is a treat and a challenge for both, your body and your brain. Would I make it a frequent therapy to support my health and wellness? If time allows, then yes. If not, replacing it with an accessible alternative like an ice bath to see similar benefits, would measure up as well.

About The Wellness Co. 

Apart from whole body cryotherapy, The Wellness Co. introduced me to targeted cryotherapy which can be localised for specific problematic areas of your body. Besides cryotherapy, they offer Red Light Therapy which is great for inflammation, collagen production amongst other benefits, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy which is the inhalation of pure oxygen, IV Therapy, and other science-backed therapies which boost your health and wellness naturally and non-invasively.

You can check out The Wellness Co.'s full range of services here.

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