Swing Into Adventure With The Playful Flavours Of This Homegrown Artisanal Coffee Liqueur

Swing Into Adventure With The Playful Flavours Of This Homegrown Artisanal Coffee Liqueur

Dear readers, it's time to be monkeying around! Hold onto your tails as Himmaleh Spirits, renowned for their innovative spirits, has recently launched Bandarful, an artisanal cold-brew coffee liqueur, born in the heart of Kumaon in Uttarakhand. The drink is all about wild adventures, lively spirits, and a tribute to the native long-tailed Langur friends found aplenty there. Following the impressive success of its inaugural product, Kumaon & I, India's first Provincial Dry Gin, the Himmaleh Spirits distillery is now paving its way to breaking the traditional molds of the Indian alcoholic beverage industry.

Swing Into Adventure With The Playful Flavours Of This Homegrown Artisanal Coffee Liqueur
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Bandarful takes your taste buds on a delightful and exciting journey through the grain fields of Kumaon, the coffee estates of Chikmagalur, and the fruit trees, creating a cold brew coffee liqueur that is as versatile as the playful monkey that served as its inspiration. By using locally sourced rice, Himalayan spring water, and medium-dark Arabica coffee beans from the western ghats, each bottle is a vibrant tribute to the diverse terroir of India. The brewing process, which lasts for over 22 hours, is done in-house to ensure the highest quality.

The tale goes that the chief of staff at Himalleh Spirits in Kumaon is a cheerful local Langur monkey who swings from treetops and travels with his enthusiastic relatives to distant lands to gather the strong and sweet coffee cherries that are used to make their delightful liqueur. Bandarful is not just a drink, but also a source of endless enjoyment, paying homage to its origins and the community that contributed to its creation. The lovable and talkative leader with a long tail is an essential part of the local Kumaoni culture and proudly takes credit for the invention of Bandarful, which is India's first spirit made directly from the branches of the coffee tree.

Bandarful is a journey that captures the untamed essence of the country. With coffee culture fast becoming a big and serious affair, Bandarful stands out as an exquisite blend of high-quality coffee and spirit, making it an ideal choice for both coffee aficionados and alco-bev connoisseurs. With every sip, we're breaking free from the ordinary, and inviting you to swing into a world where life's too short for boring drinks. Cheers to fun, cheers to Bandarful!

Ansh Khanna, co-founder of Himmaleh Spirits, on the launch of Bandarful

"Bandarful is our ode to endless joy and celebrations! It’s crafted with the choicest coffee beans, a dash of Himalayan flair and a recipe so hush-hush that it’s tucked away in the midst of treetops. This artisanal coffee liqueur is a testament to Himmaleh’s commitment to introduce and innovate high-quality products using only the finest local ingredients sourced sustainably. We want you to get ready for an adventure as we turn sips into stories."

Samarth Prasad, co-founder of Himmaleh Spirits

Packaged in a transparent glass bottle with a distinctive funky neck design, finding Bandarful on the shelf is as effortless as spotting a monkey in the jungle – it is easily recognizable and brimming with personality. Whether enjoyed over ice or straight, mixed into a cocktail, relished as a dessert, or sipped after a meal, Bandarful offers a vibrant and bold range of flavors that will delight your palate.

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