A Collaboration Between Svami & Superkicks Is Bringing Back 00s Nostalgia In A Bottle

A Collaboration Between Svami & Superkicks Is Bringing Back 00s Nostalgia In A Bottle

In 2002, Coca-Cola launched the beverage, Vanilla Coke in the United States where it garnered mass popularity thanks to the hit television show, American Idol. The inspiration for this vanilla-flavored Coca-Cola beverage came from ice-cream soda pops generally found at US fast food joints. A couple of years later the beverage hit the shelves in the Indian market. “There’s cola you drink and vanilla you eat, they say, but Coke has it all blended in for you to slurp,” an India Today report at the time had noted. It was available in the market in 500ml and 200ml bottles priced at ₹ 15 and ₹ 6 respectively, although those prices must seem outlandish today

A Collaboration Between Svami & Superkicks Is Bringing Back 00s Nostalgia In A Bottle
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Fundamental to the Vanilla Coke’s release in India was an iconic retro advertisement that millennials and early Gen-Z folks are bound to remember. "Ab parampara nahi, paramparampara" — an earworm of a jingle sung by disco legend Bappi Lahiri accompanied by a rising star at that time in Bollywood. Vivek Oberoi, dressed like Elvis Presley in a vibrant red suit and a tie with polka dots, spinning on a large turntable, riding a Lamby scooter, and energetically shouting "Wakao!" towards the camera made for a memorable advertisement campaign. At that time, brand variants releasing catchy ad campaigns during the summer season to boost up consumer demand and boost sales temporarily was a common occurrence. Even though the beverage fizzled out of popularity and was soon discontinued, the legendary advertisement is well imprinted in the collective consciousness of the Indian audiences, particularly those who tuned into youth-centric channels like HBO, AXN, MTV, & Channel V at that time.

We have all heard statements like “History has a way of repeating itself” and “What goes around comes back around” and that holds true even in the context of the Indian market. Svami, the founder-led homegrown company spearheading the category of unique mixers and non-alcoholic drinks has collaborated with Mumbai sneaker and streetwear company, Super Kicks to bring back a beverage that is a blast from the past, albeit with their own original, distinct take on it.

A Collaboration Between Svami & Superkicks Is Bringing Back 00s Nostalgia In A Bottle
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It’s no secret that Svami loves collaborating with like-minded brands and with Superkicks and in our first meeting itself everyone was aligned to bring some 90s nostalgia back and a cola float was a big inspiration. This is nostalgia in a bottle!

Aneesh Bhasin, co-founder of Svami

Introducing the Svami x Superkicks Limited Edition Vanilla Cola — a beverage crafted with exquisite flavors and natural ingredients, this fizzy, non-alcoholic drink provides a refreshing taste reminiscent of nostalgic moments. Combining the velvety notes of vanilla with the invigorating essence of cola, every sip is a tribute to genuine simplicity. The drink, with its minimalist and sophisticated packaging (a trademark of every Svami bottle), is a herald back to simpler times. Whether you want to unwind with a relaxing gin and tonic after a hectic day, concoct a mean cocktail, or simply enjoy a tasty beverage, Svami x Superkicks' Vanilla Cola has you covered.

The SvamiXSuperkicks Limited Edition Vanilla Cola will be available at all Superkicks store locations - Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, on Svami's website and Amazon.

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