Take a Trip Down Memory Lane With Cobbler & Crew's 90s-Themed Cocktail Menu

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane With Cobbler & Crew's 90s-Themed Cocktail Menu
Cobbler & Crew

Remember dial-up internet, neon everything, and music blasting from boomboxes? If the 90s hold a special place in your heart, then get ready to party like it's 1999 at Cobbler & Crew, a renowned bar known for its innovative cocktails and sustainable practices. Their highly-anticipated second edition cocktail menu is here, and it's a full-fledged nostalgia trip dedicated to the last great decade of the 20th century.

Cobbler & Crew is a multi-award winner, recognised as both the country's most sustainable bar and one of the top two in all of India. Their new menu, titled "Life in the 90s," takes inspiration from that very era, with each drink serving as a flavorful narrative that transports you right back to your childhood or teenage years.

The menu is divided into four distinct categories, each capturing a different facet of the 90s experience. Feeling under the weather? The "Grandma's Remedies" section offers concoctions that might remind you of your grandmother's homemade cures. Yearning for those carefree summer days? The "Summer Vacation" category boasts refreshing drinks that quench your thirst and evoke memories of long, lazy days by the pool. And who can forget the sugary delights of childhood? The "Fruity Childhood Dreams" section is a celebration of those sweet, vibrant flavors we all loved. Finally, the "Frenemies" category takes a more bittersweet approach, with drinks that capture the complex relationships of that time.

Life In The 90's
Life In The 90's Cobbler & Crew

No matter your 90s memory, there's a drink for you. From the playful "2 Min Noods" (inspired by the iconic instant noodles) to the health-conscious "Drink Your Veggies" and the vibrantly colored "Rainbow Pockets" (a nod to the decade's love affair with all things colorful), the menu is brimming with creativity.

Cobbler & Crew is about creating an immersive experience. The menu descriptions themselves are a walk down memory lane, mentioning everything from crunchy instant noodles to refreshing vegetable-based drinks. The vibrant hues in the cocktails mirror the bold colors of the 90s, while the comforting flavors evoke a sense of nostalgia that brings families and friends together.

Adding to the interactive element are the DIY options. The "DIY Banta" lets you create your own version of a classic Indian citrus drink, while "B-Grade Blockbuster" offers a playful twist, where you scan a code, and you'll be transported to a song from a cherished 90s movie.

Of course, Cobbler & Crew understands that sometimes, you just want a classic. That's why the new menu also features the top five favourites from their existing menu, ensuring there's something for everyone, regardless of their 90s nostalgia levels.

So, get ready to reminisce about the good old days. Follow Cobbler & Crew here.

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