Peekay’s New Single Is A Throwback To The Innocence Of Growing Up In the 80s & 90s

Peekay’s New Single Is A Throwback To The Innocence Of Growing Up In the 80s & 90s

Pranati Khanna AKA Peekay is an independent artist and entrepreneur from Hyderabad. From being lead singer of the rock band 'Spell Check', previously called 'The Ragamuffins' to going solo in 2020 as a Pop/RnB artist, Peekay is a soulful singer-songwriter who never stops experimenting with her sound.

Her first few singles — 'Good, Old Fashioned in Love' and 'Much Better' were produced by the Bangalore-based, Grammy-nominated producer, Jonathan Anand Wesley and collectively hit 50,000 streams on Spotify in no time, gaining her a large audience and making her one of the most popular independent artists in Hyderabad. She has performed her original sets at venues and events across the country including the NH7 Weekender in Pune, Echoes Of Earth festival in Bengaluru among others.

Peekary recently dropped her 6th and latest single called 'Squeaky Clean' influenced by the 80s and 90s — an era that was far more innocent, and simple than the current times filled with distractions and anxiety, aiming to instill a feeling of nostalgia in listeners from those decades.  

“It is my desire to return to a time in my life where I was a child and try to reset the clock for myself every time I need to go into a situation with a fresh perspective.”

The soul pop song gets us grooving right from the start by creating a mystic aura through the piano chords that blanket its introduction. When the groove kicks in, it packs a punch yet is extremely soothing. Peekay’s ideation for the song, music video and artwork is inspired by her childhood home in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. The artwork features an image of her home, untouched and fresh, and over that is a superimposed Peekay sitting in her garden 41 years later. Creating a reminiscent vibe, her music video features her best friend, Isra, and her producer, Jonathan Edward being playful and child-like in her parent’s garden, where she had created many memories as a child.

Popular for her songwriting, whimsical and comical concept music videos and her passion for artist collaboration, Peekay is focused on ensuring that her music represents the arts in every way. From featuring her illustrations on merchandise related to each release to conceptualizing her own music videos and selecting teams of artists to include in each project, her aim is to encourage the arts in her city and showcase different talents from her community.

Follow Peekay here and check out the music video for 'Squeaky Clean' below.


Music Production and arrangement: Jonathan Edward

Lyrics and vocals: Peekay

Mixing and Mastering: Drona Acharya

Video Production: Couch Potato Productions

Featuring: Isra Mahmood

Video Direction: Melwin Sam

D.O.P: Prerna Kolluri

Camera Assistant: Tharun

Colorist: Naveen Yadav

Wardrobe: Whencut Goddamn

Styling: Manya Cherabuddi

P.R: Rani Kaur

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