The Indian Cartoon Gallery In Bengaluru Brings About Nostalgia & Wonder

The Indian Cartoon Gallery In Bengaluru Brings About Nostalgia & Wonder
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Of the many simple joys in life, one that comes back to us through film, books, or artists is cartoons. The playfulness of the art and the emotions attached to not just certain characters, but the look and feel of cartoons is not forgotten easily.

The city of Bengaluru offers its residents a slice of nostalgia through a somewhat secret gallery dedicated to cartoons. The Indian Cartoon Gallery, located on one of the city’s busiest roads, MG Road, is tucked away near the Trinity Metro Station. Through the many chai stalls present there, you will find a white building where the gallery exists, as part of the Indian Institute of Cartoonists (IIC).

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The gallery is not just dedicated to showing off new talent or the works of students of the Institute, it also respectfully displays works of Indian cartoonists who have made a mark on both India as well as the cartoonist community. The space is not limited to exhibitions, which do take place regularly –– it also has a library where one may learn all about cartooning in India, its history, and the literature surrounding it. There also exists a small museum where wax models of cartoon characters are on display.

The Indian Cartoon Gallery is located at No 1 Midford Garden, Craig Park Layout, Sivanchetti Gardens and is open to visitors from 10 AM to 6 PM –– with free entry!

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The Indian Cartoon Gallery is not only children-friendly but also makes for a great mid-day visit for adults. Relive the joy and excitement incited by cartoons through this quaint gallery in a city where noise can be overwhelming.

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