The Indian RV Experience: Vahn Is Bringing Slow Tourism To India

The Indian RV Experience: Vahn Is Bringing Slow Tourism To India

It goes without saying that a pandemic induced cabin fever has engulfed most of our lives in the last two years. The work-from-anywhere flexibility that this new world offers encourages a safe and free-spirited lifestyle for those that seek to transform their physically inhibiting former lifestyles.

Taking into account the needs of a modern-day traveler and armed with a pledge to create a travel experience that is slow, meaningful and environmentally conscious, this family of travellers have launched Vahn, a caravan rental company that has designed a range of caravans suited for both short & long-term travels.

Image credits: Nishith Shah

The beginning of a journey

Moksha Gandhi, an industrial designer by profession is also a passionate traveler who recalls the road being her second home, growing up. Travels have been an integral part of Gandhi’s life who also developed a keen eye for creating new products.

Vahn comes from a family of travellers. Above this, the pandemic taught us that time wasn’t infinite, and that we should be using it more consciously. For us, that meant celebrating the group that was our family and doing so safely yet nomadically.

— Moksha Gandhi, founder
Image credits: Nishith Shah

Keeping this idea in mind, Moksha and team built a caravan that they used to travel extensively around their home-ground Rajasthan during 2020.

Upon realising the rush and thrill of such travel experiences, Gandhi spent a large part of 2021 designing and developing Vahn to share this travel experience with the rest of India.

Blue Flag beach, Dwarka

To commemorate the launch of her venture, Moksha accompanied by two of her friends set out on a road-trip to a remote beach on the western tip of Gujarat. The 10-hour journey concluded in the group parking in on glistening white-sands, lilting waves and the serene blue ocean.

Image credits: Nishith Shah

We spent a long afternoon reading, watching the high tide crash and fold at the shore, and munching on watermelon and crackers. For the way back, watching another travelogue of friends made sense (Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara) while eating ramen. As a finale to the trip, we finally slept.

— Moksha Gandhi, founder
Image credits: Nishith Shah

The design

The interiors of the caravan is strongly inspired by the “Indian roller” bird. The detailing on its brown nape added to its teal crown find its influence on the design and color scheme of the caravan.

With a fluid floor plan that allows you to expand or close-in on your space makes for a seamless travel experience that are suited for Indian highways.

Image credits: Nishith Shah

The journey ahead

Vahn intends to begin taking bookings starting 20th of November, 2021. Their freshly minted caravan comes fully equipped with a kitchenette, shower & comfortable king sized beds along with other essentials that one might need on their travels.

Vahn is for everyone, from solo travellers & artists seeking a fresh air of inspiration, a seasoned family looking to break the monotony of everyday routine or a big troop looking for their next big adventure.

Image credits: Nishith Shah

Speaking about the shoot, art director Drishti Shah shares, “Vahn was designed as a home, and we wanted to retain that aspect of the brand. With our visual direction, we wanted to showcase life, as it happens around Vahn. We wanted the glimmers of sunlight that fall on the ruffled bed-sheet or a fully stocked kitchenette to depict the slow life that you can indulge in.”

You can follow Vahn’s travels here.

Picture credits: Nishith Shah

Art Direction: Drishti Shah

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