The Northeastern Designer Going Viral For Her Met-Inspired Gilded Glamour Ensemble

The Northeastern Designer Going Viral For Her Met-Inspired Gilded Glamour Ensemble

While the buzz of the Met Gala glitz did rounds on the internet, most of us were preoccupied with critiquing our favourite celebrity ensembles and fangirling over the fascinating Gilded Glamour theme that opened up a portal into the luxurious era of archival fashion and meticulous couture fashion.

Thematic dresses, architectural homage, gorgeous jewellery and pearl embellished makeup; the much anticipated night definitely packed a gilded punch of fashion fervour. But the real stars behind the show-stopping looks and ethereal ensembles were the sea of artists and designers striving to nail down every detail.

What followed the luxury themed event were hoards of buyers recreating their own take on Met Gala dresses and an influx of corseted blazers and mesh dresses in our wardrobes. However, Johmter Karlo skipped on the add to cart ritual to create her own take on the larger than life gilded age extravaganza. Yes, you heard that right!

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Jomter Karlo in her creation

Like many other aspiring designers and couturiers, Jomtar found herself marveling at the incredible ensembles donned at the prestigious event. Inspired by the theme, she set out to create her interpretation of a delightful Met Gala inspired dress.

Hours of research, conceptual planning and sourcing later, the budding designer upcycled a thrifted curtain and some fabric scraps into a dainty dress embellished with pearls, lace and all that fairytale jazz. What started out as a passionate project stemming from a knack for invention quickly went viral and was well received by hoards of fashion enthusiasts.

“I decided to Upcycle thrifted Curtains to meet my budget and be resourceful with my creations. Luckily I found a thrifted Curtain set I really loved and decided to combine it with some leftover scraps for the final look. It took me around 10 days to sew it all together and more than 5 days to put together sketches/moodboards/brainstorming ideas before the sewing started. Once I posted the look on Instagram, hundreds of people reshared it and expressed their love. The support was really overwhelming.”

— Jomtar Karlo

Hailing from a quaint town in Arunanchal Pradesh, Karlo’s inclination towards all things fashion was influenced by her artistic mother who weaved indigenous outfits and a vibrant cultural surrounding that empowered her to hone her artistic instincts. Aspiring to combine her identity and cultural background into her design vocabulary, Jomtar believes in creating with a purpose.

“Whenever I plan on starting a project, I take my time to think and brainstorm a lot. Sewing requires a dedicated work ethic so once the process begins, I make sure to bring it to fruition. Also, every time I create something I try to make that piece as sustainably viable as possible. Slow fashion is a vital theme driving all my couture creations.”

— Jomtar on her conceptual process.

Marking a new dawn of emerging designers crafting a world of innovation from the confines of their personal spaces, Jomtar is one of the many homegrown creators spearheading a sartorial movement.

Find the artist here.

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