Switch To Organic Food With These 5 Farmers’ Markets In Delhi

Switch To Organic Food With These 5 Farmers’ Markets In Delhi
Gurgaon Organic Farmer's Market

Eating healthy has become a growing concern amongst urban Indians as reports of food laced with pesticides and fertilizers are disclosed to the public from time to time. On the other hand, farmers are burning in the agony of agrarian crisis even as the privileged we continue to have access to their goods. In such a scenario, organising organic farmers’ markets in cities have become a win-win situation for both sides.

By eliminating middle men, and encouraging organic farming, these markets ensure a good quality of life for not just us but also to farmers by delivering them a fair share price for their produce.

Delhi isn’t far behind with this organic initiative and has its own farmers’ markets through the year. These markets also go a step beyond than just selling fresh produce of fruits and vegetables. They also inspire sustainable lifestyle through many of their activities hosted by farmers, environmentalists and fitness experts from different parts of the country.

These markets have become a popular spot for Delhi’s weekend calendar as consumers become more and more conscious of the source and quality of their products. If you are an organic market amateur or looking to explore more such markets in the city, here is a list of 5 of our favourite and trustworthy markets in Delhi!

I. Gurgaon’s Organic Farmer’s Market

This is a citizen’s initiative to make pesticide and chemical free, natural clean food available which they believe is not a privilege but a basic right. The market sees organic farmers, producers and retailers, gardening experts, health and fitness enthusiasts and other concerned environmentalists come together to share their knowledge and goods. Apart from fresh vegetables and fruits, there is also organic millets, spices and condiments available for sale.

While shopping for these supplies if you seem to get hungry you can also grab a bite at Organic Express at the market which offers up snacks like sandwiches, salads, multigrain breads, gluten-free cookies and freshly squeezed juices. With over 300 hundred people visiting the market we suggest you get there in the early hours to avoid the crowd and get all that healthy shopping done!

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II. The Earth Collective Market Organic & Natural Lifestyle Market

Address: Next To Asiad Village Community Center, Asiad Village, Siri Fort

Timings: Every Sunday 8.30-11.30 am

This market is run by a group of organic foodies and farmers committed to making a change in people’s lifestyles. To promote holistic eating habits and sustainable growing practices this market not only makes fresh farm produce available but also has organic jams, natural fertilizers, and even earthenware up for sale.

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III. Delhi Organic Farmers’ Market

Address: The Park Hotel, 15, Parliament Street

Timings: Sunday 9am-12pm every Sunday

Run by environmentally conscious people this market hosts organic farmers and primary producers to sell their goods. The farmers who come as far as Rajasthan and Ghaziabad bring genuine organic goods because they use traditional techniques to grow their produce without additional pesticides. The market also has also had seasonal food festivals; cakes at Christmas and halwa during Diwali! Other organic goodies include pearl millet, beans and pulses, a spread of fresh fruits and even They have gourmet cheese! This isn’t only a space to shop but also to share and discover all things to do with organic food and it’s cooking!

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IV. Handpicked

Address: First floor balcony, Select Citywalk Mall, Saket

An unusual space for an organic market this one takes place at the Select City Mall’s first floor balcony. It is your one-stop shop to premium, high quality and anti-oxidant rich organic products. Lush green vegetables and pulpy fruits, dairy goods, organic jams, pickles, various breads, herbs and spices their spread is a diverse one. If you are looking for a scrumptious healthy meal while you shop you can get it right here with their very own in-house brunch; pizzas, paranthas, salads, sandwiches, eggs and more-all cooked in the organic healthy way. The market also encourages individual talks with specialists about organic food, where it is sourced from and the lifestyle that supports it, waste management and more. This is a market for those looking for a healthy culinary knowledge and experience!

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V. Gurgaon’s Organic And Natural Market

Address: DLF Club Phase 5, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

Next market: 6th January 2018, 12pm-7pm

Hosted by Nature’s Allies this market tries to try to bring a change in people’s lifestyle by introducing and advocating the use of natural and organic products. You will find organic pulses, jaggery, basmati rice, brown sugar straight from the fields of Easter Uttarakhand. The market also sells clay products which can be used in the kitchen; including microwaves, stove and ovens. Promoting clay products is part of their larger motive for a healthy and sustainable way of life. This a market with goods that can transform your culinary habits for the better!

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