Homegrown in Himachal: Big Bear Farms Crafts Delectable Jams, Jellies, and Toffees

Big Bear Farms
Big Bear FarmsBig Bear Farms

With the increasing popularity of an organic approach to lifestyle, there has been a rise in the number of modern farms, and farm-to-table brands across India. From those that follow hydroponic methods to grow nutrient-rich vegetables to those that create delectable dishes from local produce, farms and farm-fresh products are more popular than ever. Big Bear Farms is a brand that perhaps fits into the latter category. Apple pickles, quince jellies and caramel toffees are some of the fares that they have to offer. 

While the products from Big Bear Farms might be seemingly contemporary, the venture is anything but. Concocted from fresh, handpicked produce from their farm in Kullu Valley, the products from Big Bear Farms were previously a local delight. The breakfast accompaniments that the founders served up at the Big Bear Cafe at Mahili are what has been made available on a larger scale. The recipes for the jams, jellies, pickles and everything in between are family recipes that have been passed through generations, which they now package up and sell under their label. 

Big Bear Farms is essentially a home-run business founded by Nikita, her husband Veer, her mother-in-law Jaya, and her sister-in-law, Tara. From their tag line that reads ‘from our home to yours’, Big Bear Farms as a venture offers products that are reminiscent of trips to the hill stations of Himachal — where you enjoyed fresh jams on toast, or the bottles of preserves bought back by a loved one. Featuring seasonal picks from the orchard and farm that they have run for three generations, or even sourcing them from local farmers, they are a community-driven initiative through and through. From favourite fruits like apples and strawberries to unfamiliar ones like nectarines and quinces, Big Bear Farms cycles through its fresh produce to create its products. 

They offer a celebration of the nuanced flavours of fresh fruits, whether they are preserves, jellied, jammed, pickled or even simply bottled. The hero ingredients in these are picked and preserved within 24 hours to make the most of their natural flavours. The integrity of the fruits is what the brand believes the most in and they don’t stray from their traditional recipes of simple ingredients to accommodate any market expectations. Read any of their labels and the ingredients list is as short as 5 ingredients, if not less. In fact, the recipe for their fruit preserves is available on their website homepage for all to see — “Three simple ingredients — twice the fruit, half the sugar and a splash of lime juice.”

While their three citrus marmalade is an intriguing offering that has this writer salivating, the most exciting release from Big Bear Farms in recent times might be their caramel toffee. Whether you are someone who grew up eating homemade toffees, or you’re someone who has never truly experienced good quality toffee - the Big Bear Caramel Toffee has countless reviews that can convince you to take a chance on them. Made only from farm fresh butter, cream, natural cane sugar, and Himalayan rock salt, they claim to be a simple treat that is slow-cooked and handmade upon order. 

So if you’re a lover of fresh flavours, and simple ingredients, or someone who loves sweet treats and fruits, Big Bear Farms is a brand that needs to be on your radar. And in true small enterprise fashion, if you’re lost on how to make the most of the products from Big Bear Farms, their social media and website is a treasure trove of recipes and ideas to try out. 

If you’re looking to know more about Big Bear Farms, you can stay tuned here.

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