Butter Cookies To Burning Wood: The Evocative Scents Of Method's Vegan Candles

Method Candles
Method CandlesMethod Candles

The scent of fresh linen, the ocean breeze, or even of freshly baked cookies — smells are senses that can evoke cherished memories and transport one back to another time. This is one of the many reasons why there has been a resurgence in the popularity of scented candles over the last couple of years. From setting the mood and accenting your space aesthetically to calming your space or even your mind, candles can suit varying personal styles and scent preferences. 

A slew of candle brands popped during the pandemic, owing to the lockdown and the increasing demand for decor-related products but Method Candles was launched in Christmas 2019, well before the pandemic, when vegan candles were becoming popular internationally through tiktoks and reels. Founded by sister duo Yashvi and Parshvi Jain, Method creates soy wax-based candles in varying sizes and is based out of Mumbai. From traditional jars to tins and even sachets and wax melts — the brand offers its signature scents in a myriad of different forms. 

From the limited edition, Harry Potter collection (honeydukes inspired candle, anyone?), to fresh scents like Lime and Berries to those inspired by Autumn, Method has released a number of different scented candles over the years. But depending on the popularity and response to the releases, they curate and maintain a permanent line. Their all-time best seller is Autumn — fresh and woody candle with notes of Mandarin and Black Tea that melts into a magical shimmery purple when lit.  

Method has also found a space for itself by creating custom bulk orders for celebrations and functions. Whether it is for a store inauguration or a networking event, they create custom candles for events big and small. From customized scents to even containers, Method creates completely branded candles for their clients, while staying true to their values of sustainability and quality. Most recently, candles from Method were included in the goodie bags that were given to guests at an event by the wellness brand Indewild, founded by influencer Diipa Khosla. 

Launching with an iconic Christmas scent which was named Noel, Method grabbed attention with its cozy aesthetics and appealing blend of seasonal aromas that are evocative. Even over the years, they continue to release special festive products and curated boxes throughout the year. From citrusy wardrobe sachet boxes and frosted candy cane-flavored candles for Christmas 2022, to a special Valentine’s Day special Spring Fields candle with heart inserts, they continue to offer special products that make for great gifts. 

If you are someone who loves scented candles with unique scents and minimal aesthetics, Method Candle is a great brand to keep an eye on. 

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