Van Gogh 360°: Attend An Immersive Three-Dimensional Experience In Mumbai

Van Gogh 360°: Attend An Immersive Three-Dimensional Experience In Mumbai
Van Gogh 360°

Have you ever looked at a painting and said to yourself, "Ah, how I wish I could witness with my own eyes a 1800s English countryside the way William Turner saw it!" Or take a walk along a museum, look at a Van Gogh painting and tell yourself, "How beautiful it would have been if I could visit a Parisian coffeehouse at night in the 1880s." There is always a bitter nostalgia and longing when we look at old paintings — reminding us of a era we haven't witnessed, memories that are not ours, the kind of architecture or nature that cannot be found in today's modern world.

Café Terrace at Night
Oil On Canvas
Vincent Van Gogh
Café Terrace at Night Oil On Canvas Vincent Van GoghPaul Hermans

However our ever-evolving friend, technology now has the ability to create a portal that can transform us into the mindscapes of the great painters of the pasts and the worlds they had created through their paintings. Van Gogh 360° is one such global phenomenon. Van Gogh 360 is an immersive experience featuring the work of probably the most famous and influential figures in the history of western art. Van Gogh’s paintings are housed in galleries and collections around the globe. Van Gogh 360° brings over 300 of his most popular works together in a dynamic show .

It is now wonder that Vincent van Gogh’s post-Impressionist style of painting has been the focus of such an experience. His dramatic brushstrokes and sensitive use of bright colours evokes strong emotions within his viewers. Whether it is the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, one of the world’s most renowned cultural hotspots or movies like Loving Vincent, which is an absolute visual treat,or songs and literature that have tried to document the life and works of Van Gogh, we have tried our best to attain him. It is ironical that during his lifetime, he was by no means given the special place he holds today in the art world. His life came to a tragic ending. It is only his posterity that has recognised the value of his works and justifiably so.

Van Gogh 360° uses cutting-edge projection technology by global giants in audio-visual design. The audience shall be transported to Van Gogh's realm through the medium of several visually striking floor-to-ceiling projections of his famous artworks. How wonderful it will be to walk under Van Gogh's Starry Night or fly with the birds in his Wheatfield with Crow. Van Gogh 360° India creates a three-dimensional world for us to immerse ourselves into the nucleus of his art. It is technology's gift to art and a testament to Van Gogh's greatnes.

After staging across the globe, Van Gogh 360° is making its debut show in Mumbai, specifically the World Trade Centre in news that brings great joy to all Indian art lovers.The tentative dates for the show are January 20 to February 3, 2023. The ticket sales for Van Gogh 360° India are expected to go live by November 19, 2022.

You can book the tickets here.

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