Wheels & Tails: On Travelling With Pets Around India & Making Memories

Wheels & Tails: On Travelling With Pets Around India & Making Memories
Wheels & Tails

The biggest joys of life lie in the simplest of things –– the whiff of your favourite food, the view from a hilltop, or the comfort of your bed on a chilly night. For those who love, and I mean truly love animals, nothing beats their company and their absolutely unlimited love.

One of the toughest moments of being a pet parent is when the time comes for a (temporary) goodbye in case you’re off for travels. The only solution to the most endearing, sympathy-seeking, cuddle-worthy expressions of the furry ones? Take them with you!

Priyanka Jena and Tanveer Taj, and their brainchild Wheels & Tails will inspire you to do exactly that. A wonderful resource to learn how to travel across India with your pets, as well as a place to simply find adorable content, this venture of theirs was born out of their sheer love for travelling as well as their pets.

Tanveer brought his handsome Golden Retriever home when he was just 45 days old, and Priyanka has been travelling with Cruise since he was a baby, too. And so when all the protagonists (yes, including the four-legged ones) came together, travelling together was the way to go. They met in 2015 in Mumbai, and have not looked back since.

Wheels & Tails

We loved to travel and travelling with Frodo and Cruise just made it special. We would individually get a lot of queries on our Instagram about travelling with pets, so we started Wheels & Tails to share it with everyone.

Tanveer Taj

After over 100 days and 10,000 kilometres of travelling, they realised that travels in India are simply not pet-friendly. Tanveer says they opted to drive throughout in their private vehicle as it was the best option. It also gave them the freedom and flexibility of schedule and comfort. He points out that the public transport system regarding pets in India is not friendly, and to overcome that, they made a little travelling home for themselves for the duration of the trip. The documentation of the trip was also turned into a show by Sony BBC Earth - Life Off The Leash.

As cruel as the world is, it took Frodo away from the little family. As they continue to travel and make new memories, Frodo resides in each one of them, too.

Wheels & Tails

Their hunt for a homely, and pet-welcoming residence turned into a mission to set up their own homestay. Since has always been a water baby. Being a scuba diver and surfer, proximity to the ocean was important. Having scouted places in coastal areas of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and even Goa, the couple settled for Karnataka. This is how Praana came to be - a wondrous, pet-friendly homestay. Experiences include beach walks, toddy tasting and the property is located just a few kilometers off Kaup lighthouse in Manipal.

Now, several families have the option to come here and create special memories with their pets, just like Tanveer and Priyanka have been doing.

Wheels & Tails feels like more than an Instagram page that shows their travelling moments - it feels like more of a peek into the world of all that a pet can do for you. With no way to truly speak your language, they communicate their love, excitement, joy, sorrow and more perfectly. Travelling with them opens up a portal to new experiences each day. Making the best of all that India has to offer –– from hills to beaches, and deserts to snow –– travelling with a pet is a gift like no other, for you and for your little one.

Find Wheels & Tails here.

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