Maditiss Is A Chandigarh Design Studio Boldly Experimenting With Ceramics & Sculpture

Maditiss is a design studio that is a hub of like-minded designers, illustrators and other talents.
Maditiss is a design studio that is a hub of like-minded designers, illustrators and other talents.Maditiss

There is a certain joy that is found in surrounding oneself with art pieces that intersect with our interests. For many of us, it might be a figurine here or a painting there. For some others, it might be a cup that they use to have their morning coffee in. For those with a penchant for quirk, unique cups have been a rising obsession and ceramic as a medium is something that has quietly but resolutely gained popularity as a medium of art and expression. But ceramics is a medium that holds immense creative potential. 

Aditi Mittal, is the founder of a multi-disciplinary design studio in Chandigarh called Maditiss. As a design-minded individual studying psychology and having a love for surrounding herself with those who have a creative mindset, Aditi began her design journey independently in 2017. Through the years, she has worked as a freelance designer with multiple ventures and on varying projects and today, Maditiss is a design studio that is a hub of like-minded designers, illustrators and other talents. They also work with musicians, industrial designers, and players in the food and beverage industry to craft unique and niche experiences. This collaborative spirit not only fuels innovation but also brings diverse perspectives to every project undertaken by the studio.

Despite its youth, Aditi’s studio has rapidly matured, with the team and the principal designer enhancing themselves with new aspects of design skills. Starting with illustration and graphic design, the studio quickly ventured into the realm of functional artisanship, producing captivating ceramic products. As time went on, Maditiss boldly explored new horizons, delving into space design and even creating life-size sculptures. With an insatiable appetite for growth, the studio aims to offer its clients comprehensive solutions — ranging from campaign design and visual identity development to data-driven design services, print collections, murals, wall installations, and ceramic design. The brand’s bio is befitting in this regard — the world is a kiln, and we’re the clay — a testament to their love for being open to creativity, adaptability, penchant for withstanding challenges and creating great results. 

From floral ceramic tea sets to anime-inspired tumblers and from unique sculptural ashtray to ceramic fabric painted potlis, Aditi has been experimenting through her work over the years. Having worked on everything from set design for an Anuv Jain music video to doing Plaster of Paris relief walls for residential projects, and even creating sculptures for the Army Regiment’s Gallery in Chandigarh, she has done it all. Today, under her tutelage, a whole host of students are learning the art of ceramics both from an artistic and utilitarian perspective. They frequently host pottery workshops that are teaching students with a penchant for design to experiment with the medium of ceramics and clay. 

But their most prominent products continue to be their custom-made ceramic products — whether that is their demon slayer ramen bowls to portrait plates for gifting and even cute pet-inspired cups or even knick-knacks. These bespoke commissioned pieces and surface design experimentations are what caught our eye but on closer examination, Maditiss is a studio that is going above and beyond with artistic experimentation and providing meaningful design products. Born out of Aditi Mittal's passion for design and collaboration, the studio is a beacon of creativity where one can learn the art of ceramics, make their whimsical ideas come true, or realise a grand vision for a dedicated space. 

You can follow the studio here.

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